Farmville Fairytale Fields Farm Crops Preview

As with each new farm #Zynga Farmville’s all new farm the Fairytale Fields farm will have its own set of unique crops. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek of the images we have found for you and remember to share our post with your #Farmville friends if you find it helpful.

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Bleeding Heart
Blue Pineapples
Blue Tulips
Crystalline Wheat
Eastern Plumeria
 Eggplant White
Fairy Rhubarbs
Magic Oats
Mystical Cantaloupe
Pink Cotton
Pixie Mushrooms
Purple Broccoli
Purple Dianthus
Queen Sheba Orchid
Rainbow Carrots
Red Glass Rose
Red Jade Vine
Red Rye
Sandersonia Flowers
Sky Radish
Tomato Blues
White Chrysanthemums
White Dianthus
White Indian Pepper
White Lotus
White Saffron
White Squills
Wholesome Cabbage
Yellow Toadstool

That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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