Alarmed By Akamaihd in Links? Read This To Find Out What It Is


Are you suddenly seeing AKMAIHD.NET around Farmville or Facebook? Worried that it might be a virus, hacker or some mysterious app? Don't be. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you as to exactly what it is and does. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

What is Akamai ?

Akamai Technologies is an internet content delivery network. What that means is that they host content for other sites, and when you click on a picture for example on one of those sites, instead of contacting a server at the site you’re clicking on, it contacts a server at the content delivery network which is closer to your location resulting in faster response/loading time.

Why Do We See in urls and Image Links From Facebook?

Many major sites use content delivery networks for image hosting. Facebook, Twitter and Google are among the many that have or do use  Akamai for this purpose. When you see fbcdn on on a url on Facebook, it does NOT mean you have a virus, there’s a hacker or anyone is using any kind of app. It simply means that Facebook is hosting that particular image on Akamai’s servers instead of their own.

Does That Mean It Is Always Safe To Click A Link That Says Akamai?

In a word NO. Akamai is a hosting service. People can generally upload whatever they like to Facebook, Twitter etc. While they do have filters to catch spam or malware, it can take time to recognize it. Use the same caution that you would with anything else on Facebook or Twitter. Clicking an image that you know is safe with Akamai in the url will  not harm your computer – be wary of things posted that are unfamiliar.

Why Does Searching AKAMAI come up with so many virus removal links if it is not a virus?

According to Bleeping Computer which is a well known and respected tech support site, many of these are scams in and of themselves. The so called removal tools are often malware/ scammy in and of themselves. Be wary of sites recommending that you block Doing so will make you unable to see many images across the internet.  If you’re getting unwanted popups, check your extensions. It is not Akamai in and of itself, it is something storing content there. To read the full post from Bleeping Computer click here.

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