Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm Palace of Treasures

Farmville’s all new Oasis Gardens Farm will have a unique centerpiece buildable, as all farms from Lighthouse Cove on have had. This time it’s the Palace of Treasures.  This building will most likely harvest for bushels and building parts once daily as all the others do. Your Dirt Farmer Team has found some unreleased images for you, as a preview of what the building will look like at each stage and completion. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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This is a multi stage buildable, and like Holiday Lights, it appears to level up as donation goals are reached, not with building parts. Once again as with Mediterranean Riviera, it appears there will be a prize attached to each level. This building will add to the cultural flair and exotic flavor of the Arabian Nights/Oasis themed farm for sure.
As of the enhance on 13th June, 2014 the donation goal has been increased from $500,000 usd to $700,000 usd and two additional completion prizes have been added.
A Look at the stages of the building

A look at the tutorials for the feature
A look at the completion rewards for each stage and the goals that must be met to obtain them. The goal for the farm is to raise $700,000 US dollars which will save 70,000 animals
Level Prize Animals Saved
1 10,000
Henna Tree
2 20,000
Oasis Winged Cat
3 30,000
Bedouin Camel
4 40,000
Bejeweled Dream Deer
5 Bedouin Tent 50,000
Bedouin Tent
6 Veiled Horse 60,000
Veiled Horse
7 50,000
Desert Rose Unicorn

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  1. The items will only be valuable if they are not locked to this one farm. If they are, i refuse them and will sell them quickly as useless.


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