Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm Beat Oasis Gardens and Shipping License

Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm will have a Shipping License available for sale, likely for the usual 200-250 Farm Cash, followed by a BEAT OASIS GARDENS event that will allow you to earn the license for free, by conquering certain aspects of the farm.  Remember that a shipping license has no effect on items that are locked to one farm or another and will only allow you to transfer items that are usable on all farms. Your Dirt Farmer Team has a preview for you with hints at the license and Beat Event to come. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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A Look at the Market Ad for the License

A Look at the pop up that you will receive when Beat Oasis Gardens goes live.

A Look at the Share popup when you complete a stage of Beat Oasis Gardens

A Look at the Trophy you will receive along with the license when you beat the farm.
Task Reward

Earn all Prizes in the Zezura Oasis

2,000 Oasis Points
Get 3 Star Mastery of the following 20 Oasis Gardens Crops

Violets, Egyptian Rye, Rhode Grass, Wild Leek, Elephant Grass, Bok Choy, Lavender Alfalfa, Southern Lilly, Nile Grass, Pink Camellia, Arabian Onion, Dragon Wort, Saluyot, Narcissus Flower, Royal Guar, Twisted Cowpea, Pink Flax, Popped Sorghum, Egyptian Luffa, Chicory Lettuce
Instagrow Potion

2 Instagrow

Complete all 15 animals in the Arabian Stallions

5 Unwither

Raise the Cairo Boutique to 5 Stars.

4,000 Oasis Points
All 4 Tasks  = Earn all prizes in the Zezura Oasis, Master the 20 Crops, Make all animals in the Arabian Stallions and 5 Star Cairo Boutique Beat Oasis Trophy
Beat Oasis Trophy and Shipping License for Oasis Gardens

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