Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm Animals

#Zynga #Farmville is all set to release another farm, the Oasis Gardens Farm. As with each new farm, we can look forward to a distinct set of animals to collect. Check below to see the images #TheDirtFarmer team has found for these animals, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .
For more information related to the Farmville Oasis Gardens farm, you can check our Oasis Gardens Farm Complete Guide

Egyptian Lion Sultan Lion Egyptian Ibis Hoopoe
Horus Hawk Roc Hairy Camel Princely Camel
Shaved Camel Traditional Camel Wedding Camel Caffre Cat
Oasis Cat Statuesque Cat Pharaoh Hound Ancient Dragon
Heirog Dragon Sand Dragon Explorer Duck Desert Fox
Peacock Gryphon Purple Anubis Jackal Jewelled Phoenix Tut Nubian Ibex
Dorcas Gazelle Egyptian Jackal Winged Gazelle Henna Giraffe
Royal Aoudad Goat Egyptian Hippo Pharaoh Lemur Spice Bazaar Monkey
Desert Dancer Peacock Isis Peacock Belly Dancer Pig Pharaoh Pig
Egyptian Hare Pharaoh Rabbit Sand Shine Bunny Bazaar Sheep
Desert Ram Dune Surfer Sheep Fluffy Sand Sheep Khnum Ram
Egyptian Wolf Egyptian Lynx Hyroglyphic Lion Lion Pharaoh
Harem Sheep Baa Phoenix Bedouin Camel Pharaoh Camel
Purple Caravan Camel Trade Camel Oasis Winged Cat Dhole Dog
King Cobra Royal Egyptian Dragon Royal Asian Elephant Warrior Elephant
Gold Horned Gazelle Gold Fennec Fox Veiled Fennec Fox Cleopatra Wolf
Nile Hippo Egyptian Ram Gemsbok Springbok Antelope
Spiral Goat

Baby Animals
Arabian Baby Camel Baby Nile Crocodile Leopard Cub

Cow and Calves
Cleopatra Cow Cleopatra Calf Genie Cow Genie Calf
Genie Cow II Genie Calf II Egyptian Ox Egyptian Ox Calf
Egyptian Cow Egyptian Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Hemhem Chicken Hemhem Egg Hookah Chicken Hookah Egg
Snake Charmer Chicken Snake Charmer Egg Osiris Chicken Osiris Egg

Dream Deer and Fawns
Inner Fire Deer Inner Fire Fawn Jeweled Oasis Deer Jeweled Oasis Fawn
Bejeweled Dream Deer Bejeweled Dream Fawn

Horses and Foals
Black Arabian Beauty Black Arabian Beauty Foal Black Stallion Black Stallion Colt
Brown Stallion Brown Stallion Colt Chariot Horse Chariot Foal
Dark Brown Stallion Dark Brown Stallion Colt Egyptian Horse Egyptian Foal
Genie Horse Genie Foal Magic Carpet Horse Magic Carpet Foal
Speckled Grey Stallion Speckled Grey Stallion Colt Traditional Black Stallion Traditional Black Stallion Colt
Traditional Brown Stallion Traditional Brown Stallion Colt Traditional White Stallion Traditional White Stallion Colt
Veiled Horse Veiled Foal Vizier Horse Vizier Foal
White Mane Stallion White Mane Stallion Colt White Stallion White Stallion Colt
Egyptian Stallion Egyptian Colt Caravan Horse Caravan Foal
Arabian Knight Stallion Arabian Knight Colt Sultan Stallion Sultan Colt
Terrier Stallion Terrier Colt Oasis Okapi Oasis Okapi Foal

Pegacorns and Foals
Blooming Lotus Pegacorn Blooming Lotus Pegacorn Foal Desert Spirit Pegacorn Desert Spirit Pegacorn Foal
Ebony Pegacorn Ebony Pegacorn Foal Jeweled Pegacorn Jeweled Pegacorn Foal
Nile Princess Pegacorn Nile Princess Pegacorn Foal Onyx Egyptian Pegacorn Onyx Egyptian Pegacorn Foal
Veiled Pegacorn Veiled Pegacorn Foal King Tut Pegacorn King Tut Pegacorn Foal
Sphinx Pegacorn Sphinx Pegacorn Foal Pharaoh’s Pegacorn Pharaoh’s Pegacorn Foal
Sarco Pegacorn Sarco Pegacorn Foal Desert Wind Pegacorn Desert Wind Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Alborak Pegasus Alborak Pegasus Foal Arabian Black Beauty Pegasus Arabian Black Beauty Foal
Arabian Nights Pegasus Arabian Nights Pegasus Foal Egyptian Scroll Pegasus Egyptian Scroll Pegasus Foal
Oasis Guard Pegasus Oasis Guard Pegasus Foal Arabian Pegasus Arabian Pegasus Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Arabian Prince Unicorn Arabian Prince Unicorn Foal Bedouin Unicorn Bedouin Unicorn Foal
Bejeweled Unicorn Bejeweled Unicorn Foal Belly Dancer Unicorn Belly Dancer Unicorn Foal
Charmed Unicorn Charmed Unicorn Foal Rough Diamond Unicorn Rough Diamond Unicorn Foal
Chariot Unicorn Chariot Unicorn Foal Desert Rose Unicorn Desert Rose Unicorn Foal

That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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