Farmville Oasis Garden Treasure Contents

As with all farms since Winter Wonderland, #Farmville Oasis Gardens will have its own unique treasures for you to open and discover the prizes inside. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a preview of what those treasures contain. Check out the details below and please do share with all your Farmville Friends to let them know.

For more information on Farmville Oasis Gardens farm, check out our Oasis Gardens Complete Guide

Small Genie Ring Medium Genie Bottle Large Genie Lamp Extra Large Genie Samovar
10 Genie Polish 22 Genie Polish 28 Genie Incense 42 Genie Incense
80 Oasis Points 160 Oasis Points 240 Oasis Points 320 Oasis Points
Pyramid Lamp Statuesque Cat Magic Dragons Blood Tree Egyptian Scroll Pegasus
Great Lighthouse Scarab Wings Tree Egyptian Onyx Pegacorn Snake Charmer Chicken
Belly Dancer Pig Princely Camel Hookah Tree Nile Princess Pegacorn
Genie Cow II Isis Gnomette Egyptian Lantern Tree Inner Fire Deer
Ziggurat Tree Khnum Ram Oasis Pond Hemhem Chicken
Junk Dealer Gnome Spice Bazaar Monkey Vizier Horse Rough Diamond Unicorn
Whirling Dervish Gnome Jeweled Obelisk Egyptian Cat Arch Magic Hourglass Tree
Henna Giraffe
Henna Giraffe Papyrus Tree II Bedouin Unicorn Mirage Oasis
- Rakshasa Gnome Canine Charioteer Magic Carpet Horse
- Great Library-
- Great Library Sedan Chair Chickens Rosetta Stone
- -
- - Caduceus Tree Ra Tree
- - Oasis Guard Pegasus-
- - Oasis Guard Pegasus Veiled Pegacorn
- - -Thoth Gnome
- - Thoth Gnome Heirog Dragon
- - -
- - - Golden Sphinx
- - -
- - - Egyptian Ibis
- - -
- - - Sultan Stallion

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