Facebook Privacy and App Visibility Changes What They Mean To You

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Recently Facebook has made significant changes is how apps (including Farmville) share, what gets priority in the newsfeed, what Facebook can share for you and privacy settings. Heard about them and wondering what they all mean? Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you on privacy changes, the new Facebook feature that involves your microphone and  how to make sure your posts are more likely to be seen. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

This post will cover three different topics. If you are more interested in one than another, simply click it in the list below to jump to that part of the post.

Facebook Privacy Settings and Privacy Checkup

Facebook has long been under fire for confusing privacy settings that result in folks sharing to an audience wider than they intend. In response to that Facebook has made some fairly major changes. First of all, anyone joining Facebook for the first time will have default privacy settings of friends only instead of public. Good to know if you have kids or teens who will be making an account for the first time.


What about those of us already on Facebook? Well for us Facebook has cooked up a privacy check up headed by this little guy, the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur.


Users will at some point be offered the privacy check up to run through their settings in a simplified way. So if you get a popup asking who you want to share a post with and if you would like to complete a privacy checkup, don’t worry it is Facebook, not a hacker.


The Dinosaur will walk you through your default settings and make sure everything is as you like it. Another change, which has already been rolling out for a while is STICKY SETTINGS. That means if you post to a specific audience, including if you lock a post or picture to one or two people from Facebook, that will become your default privacy setting for all future posts. The next time you post from the game, only those who could see that last post will be able to see it. If you have locked something and you do not wish future posts to only be visible to the same people, you will need to change it back to what you desire. - IF YOU SHARE A POST FROM YOUR FEED TO A GROUP, YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS WILL CARRY OVER - SO IF YOU SHARE YOUR QUEST HELP TO A LARGE GROUP ONLY YOUR FRIENDS WILL SEE IT IF IT'S FRIENDS ON YOUR WALL - IT WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE ELSE. YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE THE POST PUBLIC OR COPY AND PASTE THE LINK.

Click in the box to post a status to your timeline


Click on the box with the down arrow next to “post”


Select the privacy setting you prefer


Then click save changes


I keep my default settings at my various lists of people who play Farmville and unlock anything like photos or personal status that I want to share with all friends, so my non playing friends do not have to be annoyed by game posts. If you wish to do this and not have to constantly redo your settings, set them to the audience you post most to. Then , when you want something to be seen by a different audience after posting click on the icon below your name and change to the desired privacy. That will not effect future posts


There will also be reminders to make sure that is what you want when posting to public and simplified privacy settings for sharing from smart phones. There will also be a new option to log into other apps anonymously with Facebook without sharing information with them. This will likely not apply to Farmville, because if they cannot access your newsfeed and friends list, the game would be unplayable.
To read the article on these changes in full, directly from the Facebook Newsroom click here.

Facebook Changes To Sharing From Apps

Facebook has also made changes to NEWSFEED VISIBLILTY. Implicit posts will be down ranked significantly and seldom seen. Explicit posts will be more prominent. Implicit posts are posted by the app with no user input. Explicit posts involve input from the user.

“In general, we've found that people engage more with stories that are shared explicitly rather than implicitly, and often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared implicitly or automatically. Over the past year, the number of implicitly shared stories in News Feed has naturally declined. This decline is correlated with how often people mark app posts as spam, which dropped by 75% over the same period. In the coming months, we will continue to prioritize explicitly shared stories from apps in News Feed and Ticker over implicitly shared stories.”

What does that mean to you? Well for one thing the posts that show trees harvested, shared items etc. are now less likely to show in your newsfeed. If you use the AUTO POST feature in Farmville that can be turned on in the trading post, your friends are far less likely to see or click on things you share in this way.


What you can do –  Turn off auto post and manually share your items. Also commenting in the dialog box within a post will make the post feature individually on your timeline, outside the scroll box and will show that you are more engaged with that particular post so Facebook will be more likely to show it to your friends.



To read the full article from the Facebook News Room on these changes click here.

Facebook Feature To Identify What You Are Listening To

This new feature has been met with quite a bit of alarm across the web. Facebook is offering to post what you are listening to or watching on TV along with your status via activating your smart phone’s microphone to listen to and detect it when you post. Many people find this feature invasive or creepy.
Things to know
  1. This feature is OFF by default, if it has been rolled out to you, you would have to manually turn it on to use it.
  2. As Facebook Releases the Feature you will see a screen such as this one when posting from your phone. If and when you see it, make sure to READ THE WHOLE THING CAREFULLY SO YOU DO NOT TURN IT ON WITHOUT INTENDING TO.

If you would like to read the full article on this feature from the Facebook News Room Click here.

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