If Your Bushel Swap Is Greyed Out and You Can’t Claim–Read This

Is your Farmville BUSHEL SWAP greyed out? Unable to claim what you’ve swapped for? Plenty of room in your market stall and confused and annoyed? Thanks to Farmville General Manager Heather Sinclair, your Dirt Farmer team has the root cause of this issue and a workaround to fix it. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

As we all know the current maximum market stall expansion is 1,250. We cant buy bushels or keep bushels we harvest if we do not have room within that limit – so if you’re at 1,250 of course your bushel swap will be greyed out and unable to claim.

What if you have plenty of room? Why would it still be greyed out? Clearing stalls doesn’t help.  Farmville General Manager Heather Sinclair has given us the key to that mystery and promised that they are working on a fix.

There is a SECOND bushel limit. This one is for UNSHAREABLE BUSHELS. These are capped at 400 and if you meet or exceed that limit then you will not be able to claim from Bushel Swap, it will be greyed out. If there is room in your main 1,250 limit, you can still get bushels you harvest and should be able to purchase from friends.

The inherent problem here is that UNSHAREABLE bushels do not show up in your market stall and you can’t share them  to delete them. You have to use them up by crafting with them to get rid of them.

Note: having too many UNSHAREABLE bushels will also make it impossible to collect bushels from the feed.


Exactly what are the UNSHAREABLE bushels?

GOLD ORE from the Hanging Gardens Trowel Recipes. If these are what is blocking you, you will need to craft trowels to get rid of them. This may take a while to get rid of all, given the time duration of the recipe, but luckily crafting even one recipe should clear enough to let you use your bushel swap.

The CRAFTABLE INGREDIENTS from the PIZZA SHOP such as Marinara Sauce, Pesto Sauce and Deep Dish Crust etc.

The POST or SWAP bushels from Bushel Babies such as Peas n Carrots, Oatmeal, Cherry Tomatoes.

Peas n Carrots Bushel Cherry Tomato Bushel Oatmeal Bushel

Crafting recipes that use these ingredients is currently the only viable workaround to allow you to use your bushel swap feature until Zynga comes up with a permanent fix. Your Dirt Farmer Team will let you know when that happens.

There are also a few others from expired features like the arrows that were posted for from LOVE CUPID that you currently cannot get rid of. Hopefully Zynga will arrange a fix before there are enough such things to cause issue.

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  1. You also need to use up the seeds you collected from things that you built. They can't be deleted & they have to be planted to get rid of them. You can have over 1000 of them & not realize it. You will find them with the other seeds & will see them when you go to plant. They will have something like this next to the seeds: X 1200.

  2. Where do I get the Pizza Shop? I cannot find it in the Marketplace and I searched my gift box and there is none there. I used the dog to search for a Pizza Shop, and nothing shows up. Please help.

  3. I'm having this problem - I swapped for a maple syrup bushel - which I can't make myself. I have cleared the stall, so there is enough room... and I have checked these mentioned bushels... but I still can't get to my swapped bushel... Are there any other things I need to delete??


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