Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm Breeding Pens and Buildings With Purpose

With a brand new farm, Zynga’s Farmville Oasis Gardens Farm comes a brand new design. Breeding pens and special buildings with unique appearance to fit the theme. Mystical and mysterious Arabian Nights harkening back to the tales of Scheherazade. Peaceful Egyptian Oasis, lending its tranquil beauty to the stark and barren desert. What could fit such an exotic theme? Your Dirt Farmer team has a sneak peek for you of the Oasis Gardens pens and storage areas. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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Oasis Aviary Oasis Cow Pasture
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Oasis Gnome Garden Oasis Horse Paddock
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Oasis Livestock Oasis Pet Run
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Oasis Wildlife Habitat Oasis Zoo
Oasis Craft Shop Oasis Storage Cellar
Oasis Garage Oasis Orchard

You will get the following animals as a completion reward when you complete building the breeding pens

Oasis Aviary Horus Hawk
Oasis Pasture Cleopatra Cow
Oasis Horse Paddock Chariot Horse
Oasis Livestock Pen Bazaar Sheep
Oasis Pet Run Pharoah Rabbit
Oasis Wildlife Pen Baby Nile Crocodile
Oasis Zoo Pen Egyptian Wolf

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