Farmville Mediterranean Riviera Treasure Contents

Farmville’s all new Mediterranean Riviera Farm is now live. As with all farms since Winter Wonderland, it has its own unique treasures for you to open and discover the prizes inside. Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of what those treasures contain. Check out the details below and please do share with all your Farmville Friends to let them know.
For more information on Farmville Mediterranean Riviera, check out our Complete Guide.

Small Broken Vase Medium Column Ruin Large Broken Vase Extra Large Column Ruin
10 Shimmering Tape 22 Shimmering Tape 28 Sea Glass Glue 42 Sea Glass Glue
80 Riviera Points 160 Riviera Points 240 Riviera Points 320 Riviera Points
Arcadia Tree
Wild Rose Goat Mini Seaglass Donkey Arcadia Tree Sea Lion
Rustic Table
Rustic Table Eurasian Wolf  Athena Deer Flamenco Tail Phoenix
Potted Lemon Tree
Venetian Carnival Cubs Flower Porcelain Pig Potted Lemon Tree Blue Baby Octi
Spartan Gnomette Fuchsia Tunnel
Spartan Gnomette Fuchsia Tunnel Blue Porcelain Bull Siren Unicorn
Outdoor Oven
Mediterranean Cat Carnival Chicken Outdoor Oven Carnation Peacock
Sunset Bougainvillea
Water Fox Spanish Bull Dog Gold Tile Horse Sunset Bougainvillea Tree
Dual Bougainvillea Tree Cypress Road
Spanish Mosaic Cow Casanova Sheep Dual Bougainvillea Tree Cypress Road
Santorini Beach Tree
Gondolier Duck Santorini Beach Tree White Wine Unicorn Sea Foam Pegacorn
  Greek Garden
  Greek Garden Sunset Phoenix Fiesta Pony
Toga Gnome Grecian Lighthouse
  Toga Gnome Grecian Lighthouse Venetian Gold Unicorn
    Riviera Citrus Tree
    Spanish Noble Rooster Riviera Citrus Tree
Greek Theatre Ruins Del Sol Shop
Greek Theatre Ruins Del Sol Shop
Spanish Dancer Horse
Blooming Almond Tree
Blooming Almond Tree
Gold Mask Pegacorn
Sea Hydra

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