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#Zynga #Farmville is all set to release another farm, called the Mediterranean Riviera this time. The all new Mediterranean Riviera will have its own set of new themed animals like every other farm… Below is a list of all the animals that you would possibly find during this new farm… Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at the images of these animals and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.
For more information related to the Farmville Mediterranean Riviera, you can check our Mediterranean Riviera Complete Guide.

Vineyard Badger Eurasian Bear Gold Trim Lion Masked Tiger
Sea Lion Venetian Gold Lion Flamenco Tal Phoenix Sunset Phoenix
Italian Dress Sheep Aegean Cat Flamenco Cat Mediterranean Cat
Cerberus Puppy Italian Frill Greyhound Spanish Bull Dog Greco Dragon
Rampant Dragon Sea Hydra Serpentine Dragon Water Mane Dragon
Gladiator Duck Gondolier Duck Water Fox Masked Rose Duck
Rampant Gryphon Saffron Chamois Starry Griffin Grecian Giraffe
Silver Trim Lion Red Ruffle Ram Tango Goat Wild Rose Goat
Glass Goose Carnation Peacock Flamenco Peacock Sea Blue Wolf
Pink Flower Peacock Sea Grotto Peacock Blue Water Pig Cinta Sinese Pig
Flower Porcelain Pig Spanish Noble Rooster Precious Porcelain Bunny Matador Raccoon
Casanova Sheep Greek Pattern Ram Masquerade Ram Matador Ram
Sea Glass Shell Turtle Eurasian Wolf

Baby Animals
Baby Harbor Phoenix Blue Baby Octi Blue Glass Whelp Carnation Cub
Water Squirt Whelp Venetian Carnival Cub Red Glass Whelp

Cow and Calves
Blue Gold Bull Blue Gold Bull Calf Blue Porcelain Bull Blue Porcelain Bull Calf
Cretan Bull Cretan Bull Calf White Riviera Toy Cow White Riviera Toy Calf
Matador Bull Matador Bull Calf Spanish Bull Spanish Bull Calf
Spanish Fighter Bull Spanish Fighter Bull Calf Unmasked Rose Bull Unmasked Rose Bull Calf
Festive Cow Festive Calf Greco Cow Greco Calf
Spanish Mosaic Cow Spanish Mosaic Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Barcelona Glass Chicken Barcelona Glass Egg Carnival Chicken Carnival Egg
Golden Jewel Chicken Golden Jewel Egg Greek Chicken Greek Egg
Hermes Chicken Hermes Egg Masked Rose Chicken Masked Rose Egg
Tango Chicken Tango Egg

Dream Deer and Fawns
Athena Deer Athena Fawn Festive Flame Deer Festive Flame Fawn
Fuchsia Swirl Deer Fuchsia Swirl Fawn Golden Hind Dream Deer Golden Hind Dream Fawn
Italian Porcelain Deer Italian Porcelain Fawn Spanish Rose Dream Deer Spanish Rose Dream Fawn
Matadeer Matafawn Renaissance Dream Deer Renaissance Dream Fawn
Roman Dream Deer Roman Dream Fawn

Donkeys and Foals
Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Mini Riviera  
Mini Sea Glass Donkey Mini Sea Glass Donkey Foal
Black Miniature Donkey Black Miniature Donkey Foal

Horses and Foals
Gold Tile Horse Gold Tile Foal Menorquin Horse Menorquin Foal
Olympian Horse Olympian Foal Roman Helm Horse Roman Helm Foal
Sea Glass Horse Sea Glass Foal Spanish Dancer Horse Spanish Dancer Foal
Fiesta Pony Fiesta Pony Foal Pegasus Pony Pegasus Pony Foal
Red Rose Stallion Red Rose Colt Spanish Stallion Spanish Colt

Pegacorns and Foals
Brimming Heart Pegacorn Brimming Heart Pegacorn Foal Emperor Pegacorn Emperor Pegacorn Foal
Venetian Pegacorn Venetian Pegacorn Foal Flamenco Pegacorn Flamenco Pegacorn Foal
Flying Pegacorn Flying Pegacorn Foal Gladiator Pegacorn Gladiator Pegacorn Foal
Gold Mask Pegacorn Gold Mask Pegacorn Foal Greek Goddess Pegacorn Greek Goddess Pegacorn Foal
Masquarade Pegacorn Masquarade Pegacorn Foal Mother’s Love Pegacorn Mother’s Love Pegacorn Foal
Sea Foam Pegacorn Sea Foam Pegacorn Foal Spanish Fan Pegacorn Spanish Fan Pegacorn Foal
Statue Pegacorn Statue Pegacorn Foal Terracotta Pegacorn Terracotta Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Bougainvillea Pegasus Bougainvillea Pegasus Foal Masked Red Pegasus Masked Red Pegasus Foal
Mythic White Pegasus Mythic White Pegasus Foal Olympus Pegasus Olympus Pegasus Foal
Sea Glass Wing Pegasus Sea Glass Wing Pegasus Foal Unmasked Butterfly Pegasus Unmasked Butterfly Pegasus Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Andalusian Unicorn Andalusian Unicorn Foal Carnivale Unicorn Carnivale Unicorn Foal
Carnival Jester Unicorn Carnival Jester Unicorn Foal White Wine Unicorn White Wine Unicorn Foal
Sea Dragicorn Sea Dragicorn Foal Siren Unicorn Siren Unicorn Foal
Venetian Gold Unicorn Venetian Gold Unicorn Foal Venetian Green Unicorn Venetian Green Unicorn Foal

That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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