Farmville Bushel Babies Walkthrough and Guide

Stork Bundle Roost
Farmville’s soon to be released BUSHEL BABIES is an all new type of crafting feature that combines elements of self contained crafting and regular crafting cottages. You will be making recipes to craft a series of animals similar to Elite Horses but instead of self contained harvestable ingredients, you will be using bushels with a few twists thrown in along the way. The Bushel Babies feature will contain two stages of animals, allowing you to raise a bassinet looking basket to a baby animal, and then the baby to an adult. Thanks to Dirt Farmer Ioana for assistance with this post. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.
For the complete guide with links to all our posts on the Bushel Babies feature, click here.

First a look at the building in which you will craft. It’s called the Stork Bundle Roost and the ingredient recipes are contained within it.

You should receive a popup to place the roost. If not, or if you want additional roosts on additional farms, you can find it in the market for 1 coin.

The Stork Roost works like the Dairy/ Yarn Barn etc with same stations showing on every farm, however it is NOT accessible through the menu, so having multiples may be useful if you have room.

There is an icon on the right side of the page.

Clicking it on a farm without a Stork Bundle Roost will not allow you to interact with the feature without the building, it will simply generate a pop up to place a roost.

  This is a CRAFTING INTENSIVE FEATURE with HIGH BUSHEL REQUIREMENTS. Some of the twists will make it far easier than it otherwise could be - but you will need 7,455 bushels to play through the feature once to win the adults and 4,963 additional bushels to go back and make babies to keep. That is a total of 12,418 Bushels to keep one each of the 30 animals. Since the individual ingredients top out at 100 bushels, and you can make one ingredient at a time, we are unlikely to see a significant market stall expansion in the near future. This will require some careful management of your inventory if you wish to complete it.

One of the new concepts involved with this feature is the EMPTY BUSHEL
It is required by all of the ingredient recipes in various quantities and can only be obtained via the SELECT BUTTON beneath it when you craft a recipe.

Note: The Empty Bushel is  available for swap in the Bushel Swap feature.We do not recommend this method, as it takes 10 bushels to swap for 1 instead just one to swap for one AND they may vanish when you open the feature.
You will need a lot of useless bushels if you wish to participate in this feature, remember that you need  to swap 30-75 times for each of the various ingredient recipes. The one for one swap makes it somewhat less daunting, but it is still a lot.

Peas n Carrots Bushel
The second unusual component of  this feature is that there are several bushels (one per ingredient recipe) that do not have a crop attached to them. You will be expected to obtain these bushels by posting to the feed for them, similar to what we had to do in one variant of Love Cupid . Unlike Love Cupid however, these seem to be working well immediately upon release.

The posts appear to yield 5 bushels per post. Update, further testing results indicate that the posts vary between 3 and 5 bushels per post before they expire. Time seems to be around once every 6 hours to ask. 

If you wish to get the bushels needed beyond 5 more quickly, watch the newsfeed and help your friends. You also get a bushel every time you send one.

You will also be able to obtain the post- for ingredients via bushel swap if that is your preferred method. These can only be posted for within the Roost or they can be swapped for in the Bushel Swap Feature. Swapping for these would take 10 random bushels for each swap, like other bushels outside the Bushel Babies feature.
For The ingredient recipes click here.

When you unlock an animal, You must then craft one recipe to grow the bundle into a baby and then another recipe to grow the baby to an adult. You will need to complete each baby and grow it to an adult to unlock the next level animal.

Blue Bow Kitten
Blue Bow Cat

Hovering over a newly unlocked animal with your mouse will tell you what ingredient recipes you need. Click Craft.

The recipe will pop up, acquire the bushels from the first two sections prior to swapping for empty bushels. Otherwise the empty bushels will disappear when you close the feature and the swapped bushels will be restored and you will have to repeat the process. In at least one test, attempting to buy the first bushel from within the feature after swapping for empties resulted in the purchased bushel not registering without closing and reopening the recipe, resulting in having to redo the swap for empty bushels.

To Swap for empty bushels click "select"

Choose unneeded bushels and add them in increments of 5, If you have less than 5 of something you want to be rid of, click it, it will add what you have. 

You can toggle through your bushels to find the ones you wish to swap either via the search menu.

Or the yellow arrows to page over.

When you have selected 30 click "done" it will tell you at the bottom how many more you need. "Done" is always green, so make sure you see "All required items are selected" below it before clicking on it.

Once you have acquired all needed bushels, click "craft now"

The Crafting will complete instantly and whether you are in baby or adult phase, you will be given the option to "Raise" when all required bushels are ready to use.

When you raise a baby, the progress bar moves from 0/2 to 1/2. 

When you raise an adult you get a popup that the next animal is unlocked.

And an option to share what appears to be a special delivery to the feed. 

However when friends click it actually gives 500 coins.

and of course the adult animal in your gift box

Note at the bottom of the popup it is clear that you raised the baby you made to an adult, if you want babies to keep, you will need to replay each animal and REPEAT BOTH RECIPES.

When you replay BOTH recipes in an animal you have crafted previously, you will get a popup asking whether you want the baby or adult to keep.

Note that there does not seem to be a limit on making the same animal.

 Whichever you pick will show on the next popup and again give you an opportunity to share disguised coins to the feed.

You can replay animals you have just finished without impacting your ability to craft for the latest one you have unlocked.

Your building will level up (change appearance) after the 5th, 10th and last animal. 

Again you can share coins to the feed, but this time they're not disguised as SDB.

For a list of the animal recipes click here.

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  1. And how long before they require us to make crap with this POS in our quest, which I might add are redundant, lame and almost identical in rewards while becoming ridiculously hard.

  2. You don't need to wait 3 hours to swap empty bushels. When you press the "CRAFT" button ... the place where you see the raspberries, spiral sunflowers, and empty bushels ... there is a "SELECT" button under the empty bushels ... that allows you to select ANY 30 bushels, not just the empty ones. At least right now it does. Perhaps that's a bug? I'm hoping to get through the first animal before they fix it!

  3. yep, BUG! I spoke too soon. Ignore my post, mostly. It allows you to SELECT 30 non-Empty Bushels, and it looks like it worked. But if you close and open the dialog again... you're back to the number of Empty Bushels on hand -- not full at 30/30. ohwell.


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