Farmville Azure Emporium Preview

With the new #Farmville Mediterranean Riviera farm, #Zynga will be providing us with yet another self contained crafting building. This time it will be called the Azure Emporium.. Check below for images #TheDirtFarmer team has found, and remember to share with friends if you find the post helpful . . .

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First, we have a look at the loading screen for this feature:

Now a look at the stages of the Azure Emporium

A look inside the Azure Emporium

Here we have the stations you’ll be harvesting and crafting in for this building

Feeding Enclosure
Feeding Trough
Fountain Enclosure
Jewelery Box
Jewelery Enclosure
Loom Enclosure
Masonry Block
Masonry Enclosure
Spice Enclosure
Spice Rack
Water Fountain
Wayfarer Center
Wayfarer Enclosure
Wooden Loom

And finally a look at some of the crafts and ingredients we’ll be making/ harvesting for this building

Bazaar Treats
Cobalt Chain
Diamond Barette
Emerald Earring
Green Spice
Large Fountain Base
Large Fountain Spout
Marble Sphere
Masonry Chisel
Masonry Hammer
Medium Feed Bag
Metal Weave Ring
Orange Spice
Pocket Watch
Polished Statue
Precious Stones
Red Chalk
Red Spice
Road Atlas
Seashell Necklace
Silk Jacket
Silk Shirt
Silk Stockings
Silver Compass
Small Fountain Cup
Small Grain Feed
Spicy Bazaar Dumplings
Statue Base
Travel Brochures
Wool Poncho
Wool Socks
Yellow Spice
Driving Gloves
Silk Scarves

It appears that once again we will get a bonus prize for completing all of the animals.

Stay tuned, more information will be added as we know it. Remember to follow The Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info, and share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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