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Are you mooooving slow on the Farmville Dairy? Having issues with quests and want to get the other stations unlocked already?  If quests are among your favorite parts of the game, with the recent frequency of such high-level crafts as Banana Yogurt, Chocolate Kefir and Strawberry Ice Cream, you need to level up to be able to complete them. Your Dirt Farmer team has some tips and strategy for you to help you level up your Dairy more quickly. Please do share our post with friends to help them too.

On the surface, the Dairy  appears simple and straight forward. The game gives you sets of orders, you make the recipes required for them and fill them. You get points for each recipe completed, 5 bonus points for filling each order and a varying number of bonus points for completing all orders on your board. You can see how many bonus points your current order board will grant at completion, in the lower left corner of the apothecary screen.

So why is it so slow to level up? The orders, as you make ingredients and recipes often leave several of your unlocked machines empty. Since the highest number of points comes from completing recipes instead of completing orders or boards, you’re missing out when that happens. To level up quickly, you don’t ever want a machine empty, you want them all crafting something at all times.

Easy enough to just throw something in each machine right? – but that is only part of the strategy. To speed up leveling the Dairy , you also need to consider which recipes give the most points at completion and also which have the easiest ingredients to obtain. For the complete guide to the Dairy click here.

First lets take a look at the Creamer.

The Kefir Recipe is one of the early unlocks available as soon as you hit level 5. It requires just one raw ingredient, a Culture which you can harvest from your Culture Station every 4 Minutes and one Crafted ingredient, a Creamer which is made from one milk and one butter with under 10 minutes total completion time.

They give 95 points each and take 6 hours. If you can visit your farm to switch it over 3 times a day, you get 285 points per day, and even if you can only get there twice it’s still 190 points.

If you opt to focus on orders and level up recipes at the same time, this is a good recipe to keep on hand, as it is an ingredient in several others. Keeping Kefir  cooking whenever you are not making an order-required recipe in your Creamer, will not only give you those extra points to level up, but also help speed up completion of new order boards, when you have those ingredients ready and waiting.

Now lets have a look at the Cheese Ager.

Cheese Ager
There are three  excellent recipes for leveling up in the Cheese Ager
Brie which which unlocks at level 7.

Cheddar which unlocks at level 9.

Each of these recipes grants 185 points on completion and takes 12 hours to craft. Mozzarella is a good one to keep extra of on hand if you do orders as well, as it is an ingredient in several other recipes. Stopping by to switch these over just twice per day is 370 points from this machine.
& Mozzarella which unlocks at level 9 and uses the Kefir you have been making in the Creamer. Mozzarella is even more helpful at leveling up, giving 215 points per recipe and taking 8 hours instead of 12

Make sure to be making extra Cream in the Creamer in between  your Kefir recipes and keep some on hand, you will need it for almost every other recipe.

Stopping by to change these recipes just twice per day gives 370 – 430 points per day from this machine.

The Milkshake Machine.
Milkshake Machine

Each of the 4 Milkshakes, which unlock between levels 9 and 13 offer 185 points each and are fairly simple to make

Milkshakes also take 12 hours to craft and grants 185 points at completion. Stopping by to change it over twice per day gives 370 points per day from the machine.

If you craft ingredients at the same time, it will take 10 minutes to have all the ingredients ready for this recipe.

The Flavor Station

Flavor Station

The Freezer also has recipes with quick or already part of strategy  items/ ingredients and high point yields.
Chocolate Kefir unlocks at Level 15 and grants 425 points upon completion.

Vanilla Kefir unlocks at level 16 and grants 430 points upon completion.

Each of these recipes takes 16 hours to craft. Both recipes utilize the Kefir that you are making in the Creamer to level up. If you can manage to switch them over 3 times in 2 days you will get 1,275 points in 2 days from the Chocolate Kefir or 1290 points from the Vanilla Kefir.
The Freezer.

Chocolate Gelato unlocks at level 20 and uses the Chocolate Kefir you have been making in the Flavor Station to level up. It takes 16 hours to craft and gives 670 points on completion. If you can manage to switch it over 3 times in 2 days, you will glean 2,010 points from this machine. This is the best recipe to use in this machine, as it takes 8 hours less to craft than any other recipe in the machine so therefore you can accrue more points.

In summary, if you use this strategy and check your farm/change over twice per day, at level 9 you would be gaining around 1,200 points per day. As soon as level 7 you gain around 560 points per day. (Not counting any of the 1 hour or less ingredients, so would really  be a little more).

The highest level recipe in the Dairy the Strawberry Ice Cream unlocks at level 23 or 26,292 Dairy Points. As this recipe is already appearing in quests, if quests are your thing, you will want to get there as soon as possible.


Leveling up the Dairy goes much quicker if you plan, make sure your machines are always full and that you choose the ones with the highest point yields with the lowest ingredient time investment. It is up to you whether to fill orders concurrent with the level up focus, or do one then the other. Hope you have found this guide helpful and Happy Farming!

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  1. Gee, I guess I've been doing it right all along! This strategy is what I've been doing for quite some time. I figured that out, and started making something in each machine, whether I needed it or not. Just so I would have one when it was needed in a recipe. Thanks for letting me know what I am doing is right.

  2. Takes a long time to get the Freezer Cow prize though, haven't got it yet just the endless Cheese and Milkshake trees.


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