Managing Facebook For Best Farmville Game Play

With the many recent changes to the Facebook newsfeed, some of which we covered in this prior post, it can be challenging to navigate your newsfeed and timeline to find Farmville posts and get help. Your Dirt Farmer team has some tips for you to help you deal with the confusing mess to regain control and see as much as possible of what you need to see. Make sure to READ THE FULL POST, as there are many different options contained herein, and since Facebook is never the same for everyone, different options work for different players. Check out the details below and please do share with friends to let them know.

Managing Your Newsfeed

Most Recent Sort

Each of the tips we have for you will be shown in two ways, follow the one that relates to the type of newsfeed that you have.

We will be referring to the newsfeed with the white border that has been in existence for years as the “old” newsfeed. It looks like this on the left side. 

Unless specifically noted the NEWEST newsfeed with the big posts and blue shading, behaves the same as the OLD newsfeed.

We will be referring to the newsfeed with the black border that began slowly rolling out to Facebook users in 2013 as the “New” newsfeed. It looks like this on the left side.

The first and most important thing is making sure your newsfeed is set to show you the most recent posts. Facebook defaults to “Top Stories” or those posts which Facebook thinks you will be most interested in. Since comments and likes from your friends are one of Facebook’s main qualifiers to determine what you will be interested in, this sort will show you old posts that are long gone or non-game related posts most often. The simplest remedy is to switch your newsfeed to “Most Recent” sort.

If you have the old newsfeed with the white border, this will be in the middle of the top of the page, toward the right hand side.

If you have the new newsfeed with the black border, this option will be in the upper right hand side.

If you have just gotten the new round 3 Newsfeed with the slight blue gray highlight on the left, most things will be done in the way of the OLD newsfeed with the white border. The one major exception to this that we have found thus far is the “Most Recent” sort option. This can now be found in a drop down menu on the left, under your name, beside the link you click on to access or refresh your newsfeed.

Once you have set to the most recent sort, then you will want to refresh a few times and if this method works for you, more Farmville posts will appear. Make sure Facebook does not revert you back to “top stories”.

How to click on Farmville posts with the new Facebook post format

What to do if you have accidentally hidden Farmville in your newsfeed.

Update - Facebook has changed options yet again to learn how to unhide Farmville in your newsfeed click here and read the directions in the linked post.

If you are still having issues seeing Farmville in your newsfeed, you can also try bookmarking the All Games Feed Link or scroll down to learn how to use a list.

Managing your Posts and Posting Audience.

What to do if your friends can’t see your posts.

Did you know that if you lock a picture or status to a friend or group of friends that it will automatically lock ALL your FUTURE posts to the exact same folks until you change it? Even if you have a default privacy setting to friends or a list for Farmville in app settings, Facebook in most cases will ignore that and go with whatever you locked your last status to.

To check to see if your friends are able to see your posts, go to your timeline and click as if you were going to post a status.

Then click on the small gear in the lower right of the post  and set to friends or your list if you post to a list . That will fix your future posts.

If you have any past posts that you still need help on or want claimed, you will need to change the privacy on those individually.

If you want to lock a post to a specific individual, or group click on the down arrow at lower left.

Choose specific people or lists

and start typing the names of who you want to be able to see it. Click on them when they come up so they appear in the box.

Then click save

And simply publish. Note if you are locking posts, you will want to make sure that all aspects of Tagging and Ticker are turned off. Otherwise the game will be able to repost any 10 posts it chooses to your default privacy setting as “shared an item” without any extra claims, and often without comment or like options.

If you are copying posts from in-game using the Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Solution make sure to right click on the bold blue line with your name on it and select whatever variation of “copy link” that your browser offers and left click on that.

Facebook Share Box Trick to Avoid Farm Cash Traps.
Are you frustrated by missing Farm Cash? Sick of accidentally clicking buttons cleverly hidden behind your share box for less than 10 FC with no confirmation popup? Bushels when sharing leveled goods are among the worst - but there are many. There is a Facebook trick to protect your cash.

Simply click inside the box at top

Then go to your keyboard and hit the TAB key 6 times. You will then see the SHARE box highlighted. Simply hit the ENTER key on your keyboard to publish,with no risk of accidental clicks behind the post.

Using Lists

If you have non-playing friends and family who don’t want to see your game posts OR if you want another possible way to see game posts in chronological order you may want to make a LIST of your playing friends.

If you have the old newsfeed with the white border or the newest newsfeed with the blue grey border,start by clicking on “friends” in the lower left of your newsfeed page.

Then click on “create list” at the top

Give your list a name and add all your playing friends to it. Simply type their names one by one and click on the full name when it comes up. When you have added all you want to click “create”.

If you forget some friends there is an “add friends” box on the middle right of your list page that you can utilize in the same way.

When you have finished adding all friends, click “manage list” in the upper right and “choose update types”

Finally, uncheck all but games. Then whenever you click on your list ,you will see only game posts from those friends.

They should appear like this in chronological order. Note that in the screenshots, the posts are older, but that is simply due to only 3 people being on the example list, none of whom were playing at the exact time of it’s creation.

You will be able to find your list in the lower left of your newsfeed page  under “friends” to view it.

If you have the NEW newsfeed with the black border, click where it says “newsfeed” or “most recent” in the upper right, then click the down arrow.

Then click “see all”

Then click “more”

In the ensuing screen click “create list”

Give your list a name and add friends to it. Simply begin typing their names and then click on the blue names when they appear.

When you successfully add people they will show as members in the box. When you are finished adding click “create”

If you miss friends you will be able to add more to the list in the middle  right of the list page.

When you are done, click “edit “ in the upper right and “choose update types”

Uncheck all but games, from then on when you click on your list it will show you only game posts from the friends on the list

You can find your list to view it by clicking on “newsfeed” or “most recent” in the upper right and expanding until you see it.

Managing Your Timeline and Finding Posts on Friends’ Timelines.

If you want  to have a post from the game by itself on your timeline and NOT in your scroll box, simply type something in the box at top prior to posting. Even one character will do.

It will then show up separately on your timeline like this.

To help you find posts from your friends or on a specific topic, click here to learn to use the new Facebook search 

Managing Group Notifications on Facebook and in Email

Do you join groups for Farmville? Whether they be sharing groups to exchange items or question and answer help groups like our ASK the Dirt Farmer, Neighbor finding groups like Farmville Legion or groups for any of a variety of other reasons, Facebook offers a variety of notification options, many of which default to ON.

Finding groups once you join - for those you like and interact with the most they are quicker to find if you add them to your favorites.

If you wish to add a group to favorites, scroll down to the middle of the page on the left side and look for the word "groups" hover to the right of it until the word "more" appears and when it does click on it. 

You will then see a list of groups, scroll to the one you want to find more easily and click on the "add to favorites" button beside it. 

It will then say "added to favorites" when successful

Once you've done this it will appear toward the top of the newsfeed under the word favorites.

You can also customize the order of your favorites to your own specifications. Simply hover to the left of any favorite until a gear appears. Click on it and click "rearrange" you can then drag your favorites into any order you see fit.

Once you have joined a group Facebook feels the need to notify you of everything going on there - and on a lot of other things. Luckily this too is customizable to  whatever level is just right for you  - anything from no notifications to an email for every post you comment on.

There are several ways to set Facebook notifications 

From within the group itself at the top upper right, you can get notifications every time someone posts, no notifications at all  if you want to just click in and check at your convenience , or notifications only when friends post

Simply click on the one you want and look for a check mark beside it. 

Facebook has also added a new option recently to get Facebook notifications for highlights - which is posts with many comments and likes or friends' posts

If you do wish to get some Facebook notifications and are unfamiliar with where to find them, simply click on the little globe with number at the upper right of your Facebook home page and scroll through them to view.

This is for post notifications only, even if you turn the group's notifications completely off, Facebook will still send you a notification every time someone likes or comments your post, or comments a post you have commented on. If you no longer wish to receive notifications on a given post, you can turn them off. Simply click on the down arrow in the upper right of the post and click "Turn off  notifications"

If see a post that you would like to receive notifications for, but do not wish to comment yourself, or if you change your mind on a post that you have turned off notifications for, then you can use the same down arrow to turn on notifications

If your groups are taking up too much of your newsfeed and you wish to have to click into a group to see what is going on in it, you can hide them in your feed. 

Hover beside newsfeed then click on the gear next to newsfeed, and click edit preferences. 

Then click on groups on the left

Scroll to the group that you wish to hide and click on the button that has following with a check mark, this will unfollow the group and hide it in your newsfeed, but you will remain a member and be able to click into the group and see all posts within.

If you change your mind later and would like to see the group on your feed, repeat the first two steps and click the + Follow button to unhide it.

Facebook also offers email notifications for many things, including groups. To adjust how you receive notifications on Facebook and in email and even via text message if desired, click on the down arrow at the upper right of your Facebook home page and then click on settings.

Then click "notifications" in the middle of the left side column

This brings up a list of the types of notifications that Facebook offers. Click on edit next to email (it actually cannot hurt to review all of the different types to make sure they are how you want them)

This will bring up a list of choices to what you would like to be emailed about. Choose the option you want and tick the bubble.

Below are two long listsof types of notifications that you can be emailed about. The first detailing what you have opted out of in gray scale, the second with what you do get notified about currently via email or other methods.  Review each one and click turn on for anything you want to be emailed or notified about and turn off for anything you do not want to be emailed about - the setting for getting an email for any comment in group posts is in this list so make sure you find it if you do not want this to happen. There are settings for posts and comments to groups so make sure to review both and set them to your liking.

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  2. Didn't work for me. I still can't see my posts or any of my friends' posts on their timelines. Makes it hard to do quests, gifting, etc. I am always behind in the game now.

  3. make it to where you can plant crops on both of the Avalon Wilderlands ,and the Kingdom it takes to long to harvest crops on the wilderlands if you need crops to finish a quest can't get ahead otherwise. Also need to change the crafting so you don't have to craft 8-9 to level up

  4. Hi, I was looking at and checking this out:

    "Thanks to Farmer Terry in our ASK The Dirt Farmer Group we now have a working way to unhide Farmville with the new Newsfeed settings.

    This can now be done via the following Steps

    1) Click on "Feeds" Above the game.

    2) Select a friend

    3) Select an item and click "Go Claim"

    4) When the post loads, click the down arrow in the upper right.

    5) Click "Hide all from Farmville"

    6) A little box will pop up saying that you will no longer see posts from Farmville in the newsfeed - click "undo" on that line and voila your feeds are back."

    ...and I closed the pop up before I could hit "undo" and now I don't see my friends posts on my feed. What do I do? I went back through the steps and there is no where to undo what I did. Thank you.

    1. Facebook has changed things yet again and it took us a bit to figure out where they hid it. We are currently updating this post, but to unhide your feeds check the directions in this one

  5. Exactly as you did in the previous section, pick Apps, Logged in with Facebook, then tap on any app to rethink its inclinations. Pick Only Me in Visibility of custom Facebook applications to avoid it posting upgrades that your companions can see.real followers for facebook


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