Farmville Emerald Valley The Porcelain Shop Crafting Guide

Farmville’s Emerald Valley Farm will have it’s own unique crafting cottage, this time it’s the Porcelain shop. Your Dirt Farmer team has a chart for you of all the recipes and ingredients and levels you will use in this new building. Please do share with your farming friends to let them know.

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Star-Level RequiredRecipe NameBushels RequiredMastery NumbersCraft Time
Bushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3
1Poppy Cupcake
Poppy Cupcake
3 Red Poppy Bushel2 Emerald Rye Bushel3 Unfolding Plumeria Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
23 hrs15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
Rhubarb Pink Lemonade
Rhubarb Pink Lemonade
3 Yellow Rhubarb Bushel3 Crystal Cranberries Bushel3 Balloon Melons Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
14 hrs9 hrs 30 mins23 hrs
Strawberry Crumpets
Strawberry Crumpets
3 Glass Strawberries Bushel3 Emerald Rye Bushel3 Crystal Cranberries Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
4 hrs15 hrs 54 mins9 hrs 30 mins
Wonderful Berry Jam
Wonderful Berry Jam
3 Glass Strawberries Bushel3 Crystal Cranberries Bushel3 Bubble Glass Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
4 hrs9 hrs 30 mins14 hrs
2Emerald Meringue Pie
Emerald Meringue Pie
3 Royal Strawberry Bushel2 Green Bean Bushel4 Ghost Chili Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
23 hrs23 hrs6 hrs
Pink Tea Cakes
Pink Tea Cakes
3 Purple Dahlias Bushel3 Azure Corn Bushel3 Munchkin Flower Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins14 hrs23 hrs
Red Bubble Tea
Red Bubble Tea
3 Bubble Glass Bushel3 Purple Dahlias Bushel3 Whirling Buds Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
14 hrs15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
Sleeping Sachet
Sleeping Sachet
3 Red Poppy Bushel3 Bubble Glass Bushel3 Squash Blossom Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
23 hrs14 hrs19 hrs 54 mins
Triangle Sandwiches
Triangle Sandwiches
3 Bitty Blue Tomatoes Bushel3 Emerald Rye Bushel3 Yellow Brick Beets Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
8 hrs15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
3Assorted Macaroons
Assorted Macaroons
3 Swirling Blue Fern Bushel3 Mini Eggplant Bushel3 Coil Lily Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins17 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
Berry Tart
Berry Tart
3 Crystal Cranberries Bushel3 Balloon Melons Bushel3 Purple Dahlias Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins23 hrs15 hrs 54 mins
Roasted Veggie Salad
Roasted Veggie Salad
3 Yellow Brick Beets Bushel3 Azure Corn Bushel3 Mini Eggplant Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
23 hrs14 hrs17 hrs 54 mins
Strawberry Munchkin Cake
Strawberry Munchkin Cake
4 Glass Strawberries Bushel4 Emerald Rye Bushel3 Red Poppy Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
4 hrs15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
4Flower Box
Flower Box
3 Munchkin Flower Bushel3 Coil Lily Bushel3 Jade Spiralis Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
23 hrs12 hrs19 hrs 54 mins
Frosted Scones
Frosted Scones
3 Emerald Rye Bushel3 Balloon Melons Bushel3 Munchkin Flower Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs23 hrs
Petal Tea Cup
Petal Tea Cup
4 Unfolding Plumeria Bushel3 Swirling Blue Fern Bushel3 Jade Spiralis Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
12 hrs19 hrs 54 mins19 hrs 54 mins
Square Slices
Square Slices
4 Bitty Blue Tomatoes Bushel3 Squash Blossom Bushel3 Yellow Brick Beets Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
8 hrs19 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
5Emerald Tea Set
Emerald Tea Set
3 Balloon Melons Bushel3 Jade Spiralis Bushel2 Ribbon Daisy Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
23 hrs19 hrs 54 mins46 hrs
Flower Pot Tea
Flower Pot Tea
3 Swirling Blue Fern Bushel3 Whirling Buds Bushel4 Bubble Glass Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins23 hrs14 hrs
Fruit Cake Slice
Fruit Cake Slice
3 Jade Spiralis Bushel4 Emerald Rye Bushel2 Ribbon Daisy Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins15 hrs 54 mins46 hrs
Wild Flower Bouquet
Wild Flower Bouquet
2 Ribbon Daisy Bushel3 Munchkin Flower Bushel4 Coil Lily Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
46 hrs23 hrs12 hrs

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