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Trading Post

Much confusion exists around the Farmville Trading post. Many farmers are either unsure of the purpose of it or expect different results than it yields. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide for you to solve the mystery of exactly how the Trading Post works and what benefits you can expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

First we will dispel a major misconception about the Trading post. YOU DO NOT ORDER BUSHELS IN THE TRADING POST. It has nothing whatsoever do do with bushels and you will NEVER receive any from it.

Facts About The Trading Post

  • When you place an order in the trading post for crops from a neighbor, you are ordering MASTERY POINTS for that crop. You pay the specified amount of coins when you claim each order.

  • You do not get the mastery points until your friend harvests their crops and you go back to the Trading Post and claim your order. You can order from each friend in the Trading Post every 12 hours. If it has not been long enough for you to order yet, the post order button will be greyed out. It has not been enough time for me to order from the first friend shown, but I can order from Dirt Farmer Mary Beth.


  • You also receive the same amount of xp as you would by planting 3 plots of that crop.  

  • When you fill a friend’s order in the Trading post, you get 3 additional mastery points as well and some coins.

  • You can claim your order as soon as your friend harvests his or her crops. They do not need to click to fill the order or even own a trading post, all they need to do is harvest.
Jungle Harvester

  • You cannot cancel an order in the Trading Post. It will remain there for two weeks and if the crops have not been harvested by that time (for example if they wither and your friend does not unwither or replant the same crop) it will simply disappear.

  • You only need to plant one plot of a crop for your friends to be able to order it in the trading post. This is a great way for groups of mutual friends to help each other master crops that they are working on.

  • When you click on “share crops” “thank your friend” or “remind” within the Trading post, you will get a dialog box to enable auto posting. If you do not want auto posting, it is important to decline this permission.

  • Posts from within the Trading Post are simply links to the game. Your friends receive no benefit from them and there is no harm in skipping them all together.

Uses For The Trading Post.

  • If you do beat events it is handy for mastering new farm crops more quickly.

  • Speeding up mastery on crops that you craft with to increase bushel production, which increases with each star.

  • Mastering difficult to obtain/Limited Availabilty seeds such as Love Bird Lilies, Batberry or Spa Daisies from the seed spitter buildables or Ivy and Peace Flower from the Time Machine.

  • Finishing up single farm crops that you are very close to mastering, but just didn’t quite have enough plots to finish last time you planted.

  • Mastering crops that are locked to you by level or because you passed on a feature such as the Herb Garden.

  • If XP is important to you, you can order the Red Pineapples when your friends plant them and get 75 xp per order, the same as if you planted 3 plots.

  • Getting ahead on quest crops that require 1 or 2 star mastery to complete the quest. This is especially helpful when you have to master a new farm crop, have limited plots and many friends are planting for the quest. If you order from 100 friends, that’s 300 mastery points – big help.  By using The Dirt Farmer Quest Guides you can look ahead to any quest that's already been coded, and begin ordering any crops that you will have to master in advance.

  • When there are a lot of new all-farm crops, such as when club crops were released, it can be helpful to plant a “garden” of a few plots each. Then if your friends order from you it will help both of you to master them. If you have completed the Holly Bright Tree in Holiday Lights and won the unwither ring, this farm (or any on which you own an unwither ring) is especially useful for this, as you can leave even short term crops for a couple of days to get more orders.

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