Farmville Farmer’s Square Farm Walkthrough and Tips

Farmville’s all new Farmer’s Square expansion farm was released with General (free) access on February 3rd. This is an all new twist on expansion farms billed as “ A town for you to craft, decorate and enjoy”. It’s a multipurpose farm but different from what we’ve had in the past. Your Dirt Farmer team has a walkthrough for you on Zynga’s new twist on farms, which seems inspired by Cityville and Frontierville. For the complete guide to Farmer’s Square click here. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

WARNING if your orders say to complete now for 0 Farm cash, DO NOT CLICK. Players who have have gone out of sync and upon refresh were charged the full regular farm cash price for completing the order or orders.

A look at the pop-up you will receive when the farm is released to you. It currently appears to be on slow rollout and we do not know when the rest of the players will get the farm. Hanging Gardens was released in two stages with two weeks in between the two stages, so some significant delay is possible. We must wait and see.

Some players who did not receive the pop-up were able to access the farm from the following display on the lower left corner outside another farm. Some also had an icon in the menu on the right where countdowns and farm stands are.

What you will see when you first arrive at the farm. Best part of this pic is the pink party dress the game wants Locke to change into. I think he should and post a picture.

Farmer’s Square can be accessed via the main travel menu.

There is no time limit on this farm, play it at your own pace.  We do not yet know if Farmville will include Farmer’s Square crafting in future timed all-farm quests however.

When you arrive you will have a lumber mill to harvest for wood and supply shop to harvest for nails. The three additional crafting buildings will unlock for purchase with Farmer’s Square coins as you progress, with the last one unlocking at level 19. For a chart on crafting recipes and times click here.

You will be able to make recipes in each of the workshop buildings. One particularly nifty feature is that you can open any workshop and tab from one to another inside. Workshops that you have not yet unlocked will show a lock icon.

While a recipe is cooking, you can hover over it within the building to determine time remaining.

The menu on this farm is very different than what we are accustomed to. The arrow has no sub-menus whatsoever, Design Mode is front and center in the area where we are used to selecting our vehicles, Storage is front and center in the area where we expect the travel globe, the giftbox and market are in their usual homes, and there is an additional access point to the workshop menu where we expect to find all of the other self contained crafting buildings.

 There is no search dog on Farmer’s Square, so we’re left to our own devices to remember where things are.

The workshop access can come in very handy. Use this when your buildings are ready, but your inventory is close to full to avoid wasting ingredients/ having to sell them to harvest your recipes.

While we cannot access the other self contained crafting buildings, such as the Jungle Hideaway from the menu, if you have room and it fits with your theme you can place these buildings directly on Farmer’s Square and access them that way.

The townish nature of this farm makes it a good home for an extra Sweet Shop. Since we can no longer access this building via the menu on any farm, if you are still playing this feature, Farmer’s Square provides an extra placement/access point.

The Workshops do not count as a single farm crafting cottage, so if you wish to place another single farm crafting cottage on this farm, you can do so for coins. You can also place the winery, bakery and spa if you wish. For more on buying crafting cottages for coins click here. This can come in especially handy if you play the month long quests on those farms which do not have a locked crafting cottage.

We cannot plant crops on this farm. There is a plot limit of zero. It is exclusively for crafting and decorating.

However, there are many ways to get fuel on the farm. Without a vehicle, you will be unable to use fuel from your giftbox. You will need to place at least one vehicle or you will have to wait until you’re on another farm to use your fuel.

Despite the inability to plant crops, you will also need to place a market stall or you will be unable to claim bushels from the feed while you are on Farmer’s Square.

Note the above image is from the feed. If you only have a farm cash option to purchase markets stalls, click on a bushel on the feed. You will see what is shown above in the ensuing screen, click the yes button (not shown but is on the screen) and refresh your farm and you should either get a market stall in your gift box or a coin option. Some players have reported getting one in the giftbox, I just got the option to purchase for coins. Your results could be either way.

You can purchase ingredients for farm cash,

but you cannot speed up the harvest of the ingredient buildings.

The Town Shops which harvest for consumables can be sped up with Farm Cash if you so choose. Hovering over the building will tell you the time until harvest, cost in farm cash to speed it to completion and number of harvests to next level up.

The cost to ready the Town Shops lowers with the time remaining to harvest.

When a Town shop is ready, the farm cash speed up price will be replaced by the Farmer's Square coin harvest price.

Be careful if you opt for paying to complete the orders. This one wants 24 FC to complete

But only 6 FC to buy the ingredients

and 6 FC to complete the recipe. Total of 12 FC versus 24 FC for the exact same result. Doesn’t make sense to pay double.

There is surprisingly little attached to Farmer’s Square for Farm Cash. Almost everything is for Farmer’s Square Coins.

As you level up, you will unlock more recipes. Eventually, not all will show in the main screen. Use the  arrows on either side of the workshops to scroll to select recipes, and then click on the square with the picture of the recipe to select it and view ingredients needed.

You acquire Farmer’s Square coins by crafting, filling orders and leveling up.  Amounts will vary by level and complexity of crafting. You can hover your mouse over the coin and farmer’s square point icons at the top of each order to determine how many of each you will be rewarded for that order’s completion. Coins and points awarded increase with the complexity/time requirements of orders.

You receive a prize for each order you complete. Hover over the icon of the prize to view the name of the item.

If you level up during a play session, the game will unlock recipes in the workshop, but the orders will not tell you they are unlocked until you refresh.

While the majority of prizes for level ups and orders are old, there are some previously hard to obtain items, like the level 1 Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree, which was only available as gift with purchase during a one hour flash sale.

Many times the game will give you orders that you cannot complete because they require items several levels ahead of where you currently are. In this case you can use the red “skip” button. It is free to skip one order in each of the squares on your order board every 30 minutes.

To do so more often costs 1 FC per skip.

The order boards function differently than they do in the other self- contained crafting buildings. When you complete an order, it simply disappears and a new one replaces it. There are never completed orders on your order board waiting for you to complete other orders.

If you are a crafter, you will have 3 choices as to your primary focus on this farm. Evaluate your orders to make sure you are playing in the way most satisfying to you. You can focus on prizes, doing first the orders that have prizes you want and skipping those that have prizes you do not want.

You can focus on level up and check the Farmer’s Square points icon on each order to see which orders give the highest number of points to help you progress and focus on those.

Or you can hover over the Farmer’s Square coin icon on the order, to determine how many coins it will give and choose those that will extend your purchasing power most quickly.

There are many items in the market for Farmer’s Square coins. When considering what to purchase, take into account your plans for the farm.

The latter workshops which unlock between levels 4 and 19 cost quite a few Farmer’s Square coins. You unlock the ability to purchase these by leveling up. Unlike the other prizes, which appear in your gift box, the recipes for these buildings do not unlock in the workshops until you have purchased the building.

So do the later Town Shops that unlock by level 15. Keep in mind too that you will need to pay Farmer’s Square coins each time you wish to harvest the Town Shops for consumables – much like Cityville. For a guide to the feature buildings, encompassing both Work Shops and Town Shops, click here.

Storage can be accessed from the ingredient building. 

or from the Ingredient storage menu in the general crafting menu. You start with 10 slots.

In a departure from the styling of previous self contained crafting in Farmville, both raw ingredients and crafted goods will share the same storage.

Each 5 additional slots will cost you  Farmer’s Square coins. Starting at 1,000 for the first expansion and progressing with each additional expansion. Dirt Farmer Ioana has discovered that the storage maxes at 30 and the subsequent expansions cost 2,000 4,000 and 8,000 Farmer's Square coins.

If you run out of patience, Farmer’s Square coins can be purchased for Farm Cash in the Market.

Farmer’s Square will default to it’s own market with it’s own unique tabs.

However, if you click the icons on the top, you can access the normal market on Farmer’s Square.

Each time you level up, you receive the prize that you unlock. 
You do not have to buy it for coins or Farm Cash it will be in your gift box.
For more on levels and unlockables click here.

We cannot post from this farm, the level up pop-ups include a "share" box, but nothing happens when you click it.

Update this was fixed as of the enhance on 4th Feb, 2013

You start the farm with only one slot for crafting recipes. There are several other slots you can unlock as you progress for Farmer’s Square coins. As you can see the first one costs 5,000

There are currently no expansions coded for Farmer’s Square. What we see is what we get.

Farmer’s Square comes with shared storage on day one, and the ability to pull decorations from storage on other farms to finally use all that great stuff you’ve been saving, but didn’t have room for.

However, you must have a storage license on any farm you wish to access storage on. If you have not completed any beat events, you will only be able to access storage on Sunflower Meadows, Home and Hanging Gardens.

Sometimes some farms that you have a license for are missing from the list of farms in storage, refreshing usually fixes that. Note Fields of El Dorado is missing in first screenshot, but license is owned.

Animal pens can be placed on Farmer’s Square

As can orchards.

If you have issues with shortage of fuel or special deliveries, it’s also a great home for an extra fishing hole and/or gas pump.

The order board replaces the neighbor bar in Farmer’s Square, so you will not be able to see or visit your neighbors when you are on this farm.

Some players have experienced issues with blank order boards, in some cases refreshing restores them.

Make sure you reach step 3 of the Farmer’s Square Mini Quest prior to placing the Corner Gas Station. The quest will not recognize the gas station if it has been placed prior. The gas station also lacks a sell option, nor can you delete it via the recycle tool in design mode. Note the Gas station is visible right next to the quest that is not recognizing it. 

Update this was fixed as of the enhance on 4th Feb, 2013

The recycle tool appears as if it's going to work, but nothing happens.

If you wish to use the move tool or recycle tool while on Farmer’s Square, you will need to access them through design mode.

If you do not like to craft , the new farm is still a great place to decorate & make use of those things in your storage that you like but just never had room for.

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  2. you can skiip a lot faster than 30 minutes if you change to a different farm and log out of farmville, wait a few minutes & log back in then travel back to farmer's square :)

  3. if your interested in the prizes presented, don't worry about the points, the prizes may repeat but some become extinct as you raise up in levels......focus on what prizes you want and leave in your gift box to carry to other farms to decorate, like on sweet acres, celestial pastures, and mystic groves....i was surprised they had some nice additions for each of these farms :)

  4. I am on level 17 on Farmer's Square yet I am unable to unlock the Recycling Center. Any ideas???

  5. How upgrade the workshop?? The order requires too much items!! Ty!

  6. Thanks for your help screens. Hovering over an item INSIDE a shop gives the TIME to completion. Hovering over the shop gives a % Percentage of completion for the shop. Sadly it does not give a TIME that would be instantly useful, but a percentage that you then have to mentally (or manually) calculate the Hours Minuets or Seconds remaining. This means you are working with different times as the Shop have different times to completion, which are not given. Please suggest a change to FV Zynga. I like their more recent use of TIME displays. The Percentage %? complete leaves you with UNKNOW VARIABLES (Time in Seconds, Minuets and sometime Hours) and I really do not want to need to use my Algebra in this manner to play the game.

  7. Well I cannot afford to complete the recipes now since the Wheat Silo and Recycling Center are required and I only have 2,100 Village Coins-plus you have to keep exhanging for fuel too so you never gain enough for those buildings, all I can do is keep making recipes until I have enough by levelling up I suppose.

  8. Is there anything we can sell to gain market coins?

  9. I can't find enough recipes to craft because I need the wheat silo for almost every recipe now and I skip and get more wheat silo or cotton mill recipes. How do we earn 20,000 to get the wheat silo? Any other way? The orders just get more complicated if I keep skipping.

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