Farmville Emerald Valley Starter Packs

Whenever #Zynga releases a new farm, they put Starter Packs in the market for those who want to get a little boost for the new farm. For #Farmville Emerald Valley, we have brought you the contents of the starter packs in this post. Check below to see the info #TheDirtFarmer team has found, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

Wonderful Starter Pack – 25 Farmcash
2 Emerald Wood
2 Stardust Cement
2 Silverbell Trowel
4 Silver Shoes
4 Woodman Axe
1 Curled Glass Pine
100 Rainbow Points
Stupendous Starter Pack – 45 Farmcash
3 Emerald Wood
3 Stardust Cement
3 Silverbell Trowel
8 Silver Shoes
8 Woodman Axe
1 Curled Glass Pine
1 Flying Otter
200 Rainbow Points
Wizarific Starter Pack – 72 Farmcash
6 Emerald Wood
6 Stardust Cement
6 Silverbell Trowel
16 Silver Shoes
16 Woodman Axe
1 Curled Glass Pine
1 Flying Otter
1 Munchkin Blue Pegasus
400 Rainbow Points

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