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Like all farms since Jade Falls, Farmville Emerald Valley will offer an opportunity to win a free shipping license via the Beat Emerald Valley event.  The loading screen for Beat Emerald Valley is scheduled to go live on 20th March, 2014, the actual feature may vary. We have found some unreleased images for you to give you an idea of what to expect from the Beat event. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.
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A look at the loading screen

Disclaimer – though the loading screen shows an Unwither ring as a prize for Beat Emerald Valley, the actual prize they coded is 5 Unwithers, not an Unwither Ring

Here is a high resolution look at what you’ll see when you beat the farm

A look at the Beat Emerald Valley Trophy
Beat Emerald Valley Trophy
A look at the steps you will need to complete to Beat Emerald Valley

Task Reward

Complete the Emerald City to the highest level. (The buildable has 6 levels that may run 0-5 or 1-6)

2,000 Rainbow Points
Master The following  Emerald Valley Crops to 3 stars.

Glass Strawberries, Bitty Blue Tomatoes, Crystal Cranberries, Unfolding Plumeria, Coil Lily, Azure Corn, Bubble Glass, Yellow Rhubarb, Purple Dahlia, Emerald Rye, Mini Eggplant, Jade Spiralis, Squash Blossom, Swirling Blue Fern, Balloon Melons, Yellow Brick Beets, Munchkin Flower, Red Poppy,Whirling Buds, Ribbon Daisy, Pink Square Watermelons
Instagrow Potion
2 Instagrow
Complete all 15 animals in The Tin Man Fountain.
5 Unwither
Master The Porcelain Shop to 5 Stars

4,000 Rainbow Points
All 4 of the above tasks  - Complete the Emerald City, Master all 21 crops, Make all 15 animals in the Tin Man Fountain and Improve the Porcelain Shop to 5 Stars. Beat Emerald Valley Tropy and Storage License for Emerald Valley

Beat Emerald Valley Trophy

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  1. Not sure what you expect. You get a free unwither ring for basically planting your farm. You should get it simply by mastering the required crops... which you need to plant to make the recipes to get to the 5 star cafe. You guys are so picky. These are the same requirements we have had for all the farms since Jade. Why do you act so surprised? You should be grateful that Zynga is giving you a free unwither ring. We didn't get one for El Dorado. Stop complaining. I much prefer a free one to one that costs real money!

  2. Well, the ring is free, but I don't consider having to plant hundreds of crops to get thousands of bushels to craft hundreds of munchkin hats to open 50 presents to be "basically planting your farm." By the time I did all that and got the unwither ring on the Holiday farm, I didn't need or use the unwither ring because there was little need to plant any more crops there.

  3. I am personnaly very happy to have that unwither ring - now I have two farms with a free unwither ring which permitts me to grow crops in advance without them withering! On the other hand, there is the farmer square farm where one can harvest as many unwither as one can use - 3 every four hours in the garden, as well as five turbo chargers every four hours in the mecanic store and six fuel refills in the corner gas station .. we really get a lot of usefull stuff for free now which makes the game much faster for us!

  4. Thanks for the info about farmers square - I had no idea I could get unwithers there!! These posts have great info! Thanks again


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