Farmville Emerald Valley Crops Preview

With each new farm comes the opportunity to plant some unique crops. #TheDirtFarmer team has found some images for the Emerald Valley crops. Check below to see what #Zynga #Farmville has in store for us as we travel down the yellow brick road, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful...
For more information related to the Farmville Emerald Valley farm, you can check our Emerald Valley Complete Guide.

Azure Corn

Balloon Melons

Bitty Blue Tomatoes

Bubble Glass

Coil Lily

Crystal Cranberries

Emerald City Lollipop

Emerald Rye

Glass Strawberries

Jade Spirals

Mini Eggplant

Munchkin Flower

Pink Square Watermelons

Purple Dahlias

Rainbow Stars

Red Poppy

Ribbon Daisy

Silver Shoes

Squash Blossom

Swirling Blue Fern

Unfolding Plumeria

Whirling Buds

Yellow Brick Beets

Yellow Rhubarb

Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Emerald Valley news and info, and remember to share with friends if you find the post helpful.

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