Farmville Emerald Valley Animals

#Zynga #Farmville is all set to release another farm, called the Emerald Valley this time. The all new Emerald Valley will have its own set of new themed animals like every other farm… Below is a list of all the animals that you would possibly find during this new farm… Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at the images of these animals and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.
For more information related to the Farmville Emerald Valley farm, you can check our Emerald Valley Complete Guide.
Bubble Bear Cub
Cowardly Cub
Flying Baby Monkey
Flying Bubble Kitten
Big Bow Bear
Emerald Bow Bear
Emerald Gem Bear
Emerald Glass Tiger
Glass and Bows Lion
Rainbow Mane Lion
Rainbow Ribbon Tiger
Red Ribbon Lion
Sleeping Tiger
Tik Tok Lion
Clockwork Owl
Emerald Fire Phoenix
Munchkin Phoenix
Wind Up Robin
Golden Tabby
Lion Cat
Munchkin Cat
Propeller Kitty
Top Hat Cat
Tin Bear Cub
Bowtie Pug
Bubble Pomsky
Cairn Terrier
Curly Tail Borzoi
Emerald Scottie
Tin Dog
Azure Crystal Dragon
Breathing Bubbles Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Glass Orb Dragon
Purple Tin Dragon
Rainbow Glass Duck
Tin Duck
Twilight Rainbow Duck
Emerald Baby Elephant
Pygmy Butterfly Elephant
Scarecrow Gryphon
Munchkin Goat
Spiral Horn Goat
Yellow Brick Goat
Glass Goose
Munchkin Hedgehog
Poppy Flying Monkey
Winged Tamarin
Flying Otter
Poppy Peacock
Tictoc Peacock
Emerald Pig
Flying Pig
Bumble Bunny
Magical Rabbit
Emerald Ribbon Sheep
Fluffy Munchkin Sheep
Flying Rainbow Sheep
Rainbow Ribbon Sheep
Emerald Glass Turtle
Tin Wolf
Flying Alpaca
Emerald Cub
Emerald Tail Dragon
Playful Poppy Dragon
Tik Tok Whelp
Emerald Citizen Tiger
Flying Tik Tok Cat
Flying Bear Cub
Flying Tasseled Dog
Blue Bell Sheep
Green Prism Dragon
Prismatic Dragon
Golden Winged Cub
Winkie Whelp Dragon
Bow Gryphon
Bubble Butterfly
Curled Horn Ram
Emerald Winged Spirit Wolf
Flying Spiral Goat
Dapper Monkey
Fairy Monkey
Mini Emerald Rhino
Emerald Glass Pig
Emerald Tail Peacock
Ribbon Array Peacock
Wildflower Wolf
Squirrel King

Cow and Calves

Glass Blown Cow
Glass Blown Calf
Green Horn Cow
Green Horn Calf
Munchkin Cow
Munchkin Calf
Poppy Cow
Poppy Calf
Poppy Bull
Poppy Bull Calf
Shaggy Cow
Shaggy Calf
Dragonfly Bull
Dragonfly Bull Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Emerald Glass Chicken
Emerald Glass Egg
Emerald Soldier Chicken
Emerald Soldier Egg
Munchkin Chicken
Munchkin Egg
Rainbow Feather Chicken
Rainbow Feather Egg
Rainbow Glass Chicken
Rainbow Glass Egg
Rainbow Silkie Chicken
Rainbow Silkie Egg
Poppy Silkie Chicken
Poppy Silkie Egg

Deer and Fawns
Flying Spotted Deer
Flying Spotted Fawn
Poppy Antler Deer
Poppy Antler Fawn
Royal Emerald Deer
Royal Emerald Fawn
Sleeping Deer
Sleeping Fawn
Wild Flower Deer
Wild Flower Fawn
Apple Horn Deer
Apple Horn Fawn
Rainbow Feather Deer
Rainbow Feather Fawn

Horse and Foals

Emerald Glass Horse
Emerald Glass Foal
Emerald Saddle Horse
Emerald Saddle Foal
Porcelain Trim Horse
Porcelain Trim Foal
Silver Works Horse
Silver Works Foal
Dorothy Pegacorn
Dorothy Pegacorn Foal
Golden Emerald Pegacorn
Golden Emerald Pegacorn Foal
Good Luck Pegacorn
Good Luck Pegacorn Foal
Poppy Pegacorn
Poppy Pegacorn Foal
Rainbow Magic Pegacorn
Rainbow Magic Pegacorn Foal
Ribbon Pegacorn
Ribbon Pegacorn Foal
Shamrock Shine Pegacorn
Shamrock Shine Pegacorn Foal
Spiral Locks Pegacorn
Spiral Locks Pegacorn Foal
Sun Magic Pegacorn
Sun Magic Pegacorn Foal
Wonderful Wizard Pegacorn
Wonderful Wizard Pegacorn Foal
Blue Munchkin Pegasus
Blue Munchkin Pegasus Foal
Porcelain Pegasus
Porcelain Pegasus Foal
Curled Ribbon Pony
Curled Ribbon Pony Foal
Scarecrow Pony
Scarecrow Pony Foal
Lioness Unicorn
Lioness Unicorn Foal
Rainbow Mist Unicorn
Rainbow Mist Unicorn Foal
Winkie Unicorn
Winkie Unicorn Foal
Emerald Bridle Camarillo Horse
Emerald Bridle Camarillo Foal
Tic Tok Horse
Tic Tok Foal
Winkie Pegacorn
Winkie Pegacorn Foal
Rainbow Sky Pegacorn
Rainbow Sky Pegacorn Foal
Royal Emerald Pegacorn
Royal Emerald Pegacorn Foal
Twister Pegacorn
Twister Pegacorn Foal
Wicked Witch Pegacorn
Wicked Witch Pegacorn Foal
Gold Brick Stallion
Gold Brick Stallion Foal
Tin Woodsman Pony
Tin Woodsman Pony Foal
Blue Glass Pegacorn Blue Glass Pegacorn Foal Good Witch Pegacorn Good Witch Pegacorn Foal
That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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