Farmville Farmer’s Square Kickoff Mini Quest

Farmville’s all new Farmer’s Square Mini Farm will have a mini quest at kickoff for you to familiarize yourself with the new farm. This quest will appear when you receive the farm and has no currently coded end date. Remember that requirements can change at any time as and how Zynga chooses.

Quests Info



WELCOME TO FARMER'S SQUARE!: This little town is here for you to craft, decorate and enjoy!

Lumber Mill  xfv_lovelyframe 
1. Harvest Lumber Mill 2. Craft Recipe "Lovely Frame"
Quest Tips: Craft the Lovely Frame in the Brick Supplier
YOUR TOWN NEEDS YOU!: Fill orders from the Order Board to earn awesome rewards!

1. Fill an order on the order board
Quest Tips: Harvest your buildings for ingredients
SPECIAL TOWN BUILDINGS!: Special buildings can be harvested for Farm Aides which you can use on any farm!

cornerGasStations  cornerGasStations 
1. Place a Corner Gas Station from the market. 2. Harvest the Corner Gas Station for a special gift!
Quest Tips:  The Corner Gas Station can be harvested once every 12 hours prior to leveling up

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  1. Crafting ,crafting,crafting it is the reason I stop with playing Farmville!

  2. What order board ???? Mine is just a blue box , certainly should be fixed ....OH , I forgot this is Farmville

  3. Did they stop rolling this out??? I don't have it yet.

  4. Yeah where is the Farmer Square? I havent gotten it yet and my daughter has had it a few days,

  5. I filled a couple of orders but now I need to be level 4 to finish more. How do I do that? I've made several of each item; it doesn't show that anything you buy to put on the farm increases you level.

  6. at first its great but because the buildings cost so much it takes for ever to get them and you need it to make the items 80( land is small run out of room fast...some items takes many hours to make,gets a little boring

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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. If anyone thought we could craft Farmhands, Turbos and Instagrow here...nope! All you can craft is items to craft stuff inside the Farmer Square Buildings to fill orders on Farmer Square...totally separate from all other farms, and it takes ages to fill enough orders to buy the follow - up buildings needed to craft receipes for high-payout is constantly tempting you do advance by using FC, which, this I strongly believe, is the main reason this thing has been created. Only advantage: some rewards from filling orders are quite nice.They give even items you otherwise have to buy for FC in the market to get them. Then again: they are repetetive... another good thing: no time pressure at all...and shipping license right away to all farms with shipping license . And because it is so basic, I can place nice "normal" decos, animals and trees there, another natural looking farm besides Australia...


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