Farmville Farmer’s Square The Animals

Like every other new farm, Farmville’s Farmer’s Square will come with it’s own unique animals to master and enjoy. Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of the all new animals associated with the new mini farm. Remember that Farmer’s Square is currently coded to release with General (Free) access on 3rd February, 2014. Check out the details below and please do share with all your farming friends if you find our post helpful.

Rose Petal Kitty Cat Deputy Dog Sheriff Sheep
Rose Petal Kitty Deputy  Dog Sherriff Sheep
1950s Play Horse Clydesdale Flower Saddle Village Mini Horse
1950s Play Horse Flower Saddle Clydesdale Horse Village Mini Horse
1950s Play Foal Clydesdale Flower Saddle Foal Village Mini Horse Foal
1950s Play Foal Flower Saddle Clydesdale Foal Village Mini Foal
Rosie the Horse Tennesee Pegacorn Daisy the Pegasus
Rosie The Horse Tennessee Pegacorn Daisy The Pegasus
Rosie the Foal Tennesee Pegacorn Foal Daisy the Pegasus Foal
Rosie The Foal Tennessee Pegacorn Foal Daisy The Pegasus Foal
Polka Dot Pony Polka Dot Pony Foal
Polka Dot Pony Polka Dot Pony Foal

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