Farmville Dirt Farmer Items Site Complete Tutorial Guide

Here you will find guides to the many features on the Dirt Farmer’s items site.  Whether you are looking for market information, quest crop alternatives, what pen an animal goes into or many more choices, the Items Site has your solutions. Special thanks to Dirt Farmer Mary Beth for all of the header images in these posts.  Check out the links below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.
To visit The Dirt Farmer’s Items Site click here.

Jaguar Paint Pegacorn Crops and Alternatives
Overview Farm Locked Items Quest Crop Alternatives
Cricket Duck Jungle Zoo
Market Information Building Content Information Crafting Information
Printable Quest Guides Unreleased and CSV  

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  1. Is anyone having trouble with the Traveling Farm Board staying up after they have traveled to whatever farm they are going to? My Traveling Farm Board stays up until I exit out of it.

  2. I do have a suggestion: We need a Farm/crop Indicator to let us know how many crops we have and where they are planted at. With having so many farms it is hard to keep up where your crops are planted. In our Gift box: It would be nice to have the names of what farms our gifts go to. And I would like to see our gas & unwithered & turbo charge & water crops all separated from the gifts in our gift box. Can you just put them right into our gas tank our turbo tank, etc. I also think we should have it where we can sell our crops back to Farmville instead of sharing them. We work to hard to get our crops we should not have to dump them. On the Gasoline meter could your please make it smaller & put it off to the side.

    1. I love the idea of being able to sell our crops back to Farmville. and keeping our gass, turbos and Unwithers seperate from the rest of our gifts. they are farming utensils not gifts and should be treated as such.

  3. Instead of using Ccleaner there is a new one called click & clean. It is a lot better than Ccleaner & it helps with shockwave. It also helps you with cache & browser.

  4. I like to know if you are go to make Farmers Market bigger? I hope you do. I like putting in some of my different animals in there.

  5. Im sure all tree masters would agree with me on this. They need to make an option in our orchards that let us sell our trees straight from the orchards. It sure would save us a lot of time and maybe we could actually work on our farms decorating. We rarely get the chance to do that any more.

  6. What do you do with Gloaming Goards? I have an over abundance of them and cant remember why I planted them. We have no quest requiring them and I dont need vanising cream yet I planted a lot of them for some reason. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you?

  7. where can I find the gift giving tree keep getting things to build it but can not find the tree???

  8. What item gives coins on the home farm?



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