Farmville Dirt Farmer Items Site Overview

Have you visited The Dirt Farmer’s  Items Site ? If not you should. It is your one stop shop for information on EVERY item in our beloved game of Farmville. We have a quick guide for you to assist you in navigating it with ease and find all of the information at your fingertips. Please share with your farming friends to let them know.

To visit the items site click here.

At the top of the Dirt Farmer’s item’s site you will find a list of categories. If what you are seeking falls into a specific category simply click it to hasten your search. The numbers in the blue bubbles represent the total number of items currently in that category within the game

When you load the site, the most recently added items in allcategories together will be visible. 

You can choose a category from the tan categories menu at the top to see just the newest items in that category. For example clicking on the tan box furthest left marked animals changes the view to this.

Directly below that on the right side you will see the date that new items were last added to the items site.

Next you will find a search box. If you have clicked on a category above, it will search just that category. The most useful categories you can choose from "Real Name" which allows you to search by exactly what an item is called in game, date and market theme.

Then simply type  what you are looking for into the box on the right. It is a real time search, so do not hit enter or you will return to the home page. There is no need to do anything but type your query.

As you can see a square comes up with the item searched for. Clicking on the square brings up a useful pop-up with  more information and a larger image.

We will search for an animal and a crop, you will see a moment of loading and then squares will come up matching your search.

Click anywhere on the square  for a handy informational popup box including mastery information, baby information for animals, level 2 information for trees, bushel information for crops. The popup will even include which farm if any items are locked to next to “world” price in coins or farm cash and what pen if any the item goes into.

That’s all for now, we hope you have found the tour helpful. Keep checking back with The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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