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Recently, Zynga returned the previously widely reviled bushel report to Farmville, with some changes and improvements. They posted an article on the support site indicating what has changed to an extent. In this post, we will analyze the article and clarify some of it with images of actual results from our farms. Items in blue italics are quoted from the support site post, words in other colors are our own analysis. 

Please make sure to read the FULL POST for maximum understanding, there is a lot of important information herein

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Feature Summary From the Support Site

“FarmVille is slowly releasing the Bushel Report in the game again with fixes and improvements! Here are some fun facts.
Bushel Report

The bushel report tells you how many bushels you’ll find, depending on the type and number of crops you will harvest. We kept hearing reports from players that they would harvest fields full of crops and find no bushels at all. That is because before the bushel report, bushels were found randomly. This meant that you could get really lucky one day and find a lot more bushels than usual, but then you could also get really unlucky and find a lot less than usual. The bushel report makes sure that you don’t get unlucky. Instead of using randomness, you’ll now find bushels at a reliable pace as you harvest plots on your farm.”

Key Points

Bushel base yield is now much higher than it was before.

This is true – to what extent depends on a variety of factors.  In a prior post relating to the first release of the feature the base ratio was 1:150 or one bushel from every 150 plots planted. The re-release appears to be at base ratio between 1:40 -1:50 – or one bushel to every 50 plots planted.  That is based on the following results which are equal on several accounts of team members and friends that DO NOT OWN DOUBLE BUSHEL STATUES. With a crop for no mastery , which would be the base ratio, the first bushel does not appear until plot #40 is planted on a consistent basis.

39 no statue

40 no statue

However this DOES NOT equal to a true 1:40 ratio as 100 plots only grant 2 bushels without mastery or statue. That means the next 60 plots planted only added one additional bushel – so the actual is somewhere closer to 1 bushel per 50 plots without mastery or statue.

cassava no statue


As you can see, based on harvesting the initial 48 the expected yield of only a single bushel is accurate.


This is not limited to new farm crops. Yields on all crops and all farms will be the same depending on mastery level. Below, Club Coffee is a crop with no prior mastery on the farm of a player without a double bushel statue.


These screenshots are from the farm of a someone who no longer plays (other testers got identical per plot results) as such, he had a day – one farm. So if you do not own a double bushel statue or expand for Farm Cash and try to play a brand new farm, while waiting to clear your treasures, that 102 plots is likely the max you could fit- that’s all we could, without placing a single additional item, just moving those that came with the farm to the side. We placed vehicles after making sure no more plots could be squeezed in – and if you need more pens than the existing pasture for quests, you would have less plots until you could acquire parts to remove all the non moveable treasures..


You could get a few more plots by selling the vote building and losing out on the prizes or selling the Jungle Hideaway – but so doing you run the risk that they will remove it from the menu as they did the Sweet Shop before you are finished – and if they do and happen to remove it from the market as well, you’d lose the rest of the animals.  Whether or not to do so is up to you.

There is improvement as you master a crop. Below are the results on a fully mastered regular crop with no double bushel statue.  Once fully mastered, a player with no double bushel statue can expect 10 bushels per 100 plots instead of 2. This is very significantly lower than what players voted would be the minimum acceptable number to them on our poll in our ASK the Dirt Farmer group. 

An overwhelming majority of voters found the MAXIMUM results one would get for a fully mastered regular crop without a double bushel statue to be the very MINIMUM acceptable with no mastery. To view the poll click here.


If you do not own a double bushel statue are these results adequate for you? Do you find the feature satisfactory? Will you be encouraged or discouraged from purchasing early access to future new farms now that you know what to expect?

Double Bushel Statue gives a lot more bushels! A better name for it might be “Quadruple Bushel Statue”

This is EXTREMELY true – to the point that this feature looks like a sales pitch for double bushel statues.  Remember how the player with no statue got ONE bushel for 48 plots with no mastery? Here is Dirt Farmer Heather’s result on the same plots of a no mastery crop with a double bushel statue. I do indeed get 4 times as much.


Here are my results on planting the same crop that the player with no statue got 2 bushels on 100 plots on for the first time.  Also never before planted, but I get 41 bushels from 416 plots – or one bushel for every 10 plots. Without a statue, it was 1 bushel for every 50 plots – so in this case results with statue are 5 times better – looking even more like this feature is a giant advertisement to purchase the  200 Farm Cash Statue (or if you Wanted it and get really lucky you might catch it for 50 Farm Cash on one of the 2 hour clock sales that appear on the side of the farm) Still this seems like almost forcing people to spend money to get a decent result as it stands.


“Super plots count as 5 regular plots for the purposes of bushel yield.”

It appears that actual results on this feature are sporadic and not working correctly for all players or perhaps for all crops. Dirt Farmer Ioana and Dirt Farmer Heather both planted an equal number of super plots and used water to grow them.

Dirt Farmer Ioana planted 3 star mastery Squash on her super plots

The bushel report indicated that she should receive 8 bushels.


Planting 4 additional regular plots only added one to expected yield, so that would indicate that super plots would generate extra.

superplus ref

She actually received 4


Dirt Farmer Heather planted no mastery Super Green Tea on her super plots

The bushel report indicated that I should receive 8 bushels


I actually received 8


In a subsequent test, Dirt Farmer Ioana replanted Squash and Super Green Tea on her super plots and again received only 4 bushels from an expected yield of 8.

Super Fertilizer now doubles your bushel yield.

This part of the feature appears to be working great.

Before Applying Super Fertilizer


After Applying Super Fertilizer


Actual Yield (higher because I got 2 additional mastery stars during the harvest)


“Planting or harvesting with the Bushel Report will no longer slow down your farming actions.”

This too appears to be working really well. The reset for the additional mastery stars took less than a second each. (Disclaimer I’m playing on an i5 with 8GB of RAM, results may vary by system)


“Bushel Report technology no longer blocks the pop-up to share bushels as a feed post.”

This too is working sporadically so far. DF team members are getting popups to share on some harvests, and none on others. Yet another reduction in total bushels available to players.


“We found that certain expansion farms were giving out bushel bonuses ling after these bonuses were intended to expire. the bonuses have been removed from the older farms.

The Bushel Report gives incorrect numbers for bushel yield on certain expansion farms, Jade Falls being one example. The report overstated how many bushels you will get. We're now working towards fixing this issue.
This is a HUGE takeaway for us as players. We have become accustomed to 5x bushels on Jade Falls and 2x Bushels on Mistletoe Lane and Hawaiian Paradise.  With the release of the bushel report these additional yields are gone. They now work exactly the same as every other farm.

They’ve stated that they’re doing this because they intended for those bonuses to expire long ago. That’s not our fault and we have been using them as such and accustomed to them for years now. We think they should forget about what was intended and make players happy by returning those three farms to their former high yields.

To add insult to injury, the high yield ratios are showing on the bushel report, but we simply don’t get the additional bushels. We get the same as we get on all other farms. From the wording in the support article, they are working on removing the misleading high yields on the bushel report, but not on returning the high yields to us. What do you think? Should the Farmville team be more concerned with having things work the way they originally intended them to or with making players happy?



Expected 159, actual 35. They’re giving us a VERY clear picture of exactly how much they’ve taken away from us with the bushel report showing the removed multipliers in expected counts. Keep in mind that’s with a double bushel statue and that 79 Terrace plots is above what you can plant on the maximum expansion size that’s available for Jade. The largest expansion you can purchase for Jade is the 28x28 Abundant Acres which allows 137 Land Plots, 68 Water Plots and 68 Terrace Plots.

Given the 1 bushel for every 10 plots ratio that we see above for fully mastered regular crops without a double bushel statue, the MOST you can ever expect to get for crafting on Jade Falls now if you do not expand for farm cash or own a double bushel statue is 6 or 7 bushels per full field on water or terrace and 13-14 bushels on land.


If you were planning to use the “Forbidden” crops which had acted as super crops since release to compensate in your crafting, that is not an option.  Forbidden crops now give the exact same results as regular crops on that farm. Keep in mind that actual result is roughly 22% of what’s pictured here, but notice that the Azuki and Forbidden Lillies would give same amount to planted, roughly twice what was planted if multiplier worked.  Instead it turns into half number planted in both cases when actually received, no longer super crops. We have not been able to get an answer on whether there is any intent to fix these.


“Regular Fertilizer and Fertilize All have never affected bushels before, and they still do not. Organic Fertilizer and its replacement, Super Fertilizer, both increase bushel yields.”

This is interesting and in direct conflict with a prior post by a Zynga Community Manager, who are the folks employed by Zynga to run their forums and communicate with us as players.


“The Double Bushel Statue is always on, even when you put it in storage. After you buy one, there’s no way to see how many bushels you’d get without it – your bushels are permanently increased on every farm, even when you store it.”

This is true. The only way to find out the difference with a statue is to compare with friends who do not own them with other circumstances, such as mastery and number of plots equal. The only purpose in ever storing any statue would be if it was not working which is very rare.

Double Bushel Statue

“Having a Double Bushel Statue doesn’t mean you have to always get an even number of bushels. If you plant enough plots to get 6.5 bushels without the statue, we only give you 6 bushels, because we can’t give you half a bushel! But if you’re getting double bushels, we double 6.5 to give you 13, instead of first rounding down and then doubling to 12.”

This explains the odd numbered yields many of us with statues get. Most traditional math rounds up at .5 and down at .4 or lower. Without a statue, we see that Zynga rounds down for us

“Pollinated seeds no longer affect bushel yields. “

In yet another bushel production loss for players, the Beehive is now fairly useless, unless you care about the extra XP that Fertilize All gives, with the release of the revamped Bushel Report.


Other Issues Not Covered in the Support Site Post

Fields of El Dorado Super Crops are not currently functioning as super crops. The developer we have been doing the test with has committed that they will be fixing this within the next week or two.


Note that with Super crops being considered the 4th, 5th and 6th Mastery star, the Super Tomatillo with no mastery should give equal yield to the 3 star mastery Tomatillo.
Instead Fields of El Dorado Super Crops give yields equal to regular crops at same mastery level.


super golden

golden wheat

super jungle

If you have ever wondered why the Australia farm gives abysmal bushel yields is because the farm specific crops do not recognize mastery, and even at 3 star mastery, you will receive bushel yields equivalent to a never before planted crop. The developer we have been testing with has also committed to working on a fix for this issue.


In the above screen shot Yellow Onions have zero mastery stars and all of the other crops have 3 mastery stars. As you can see, the 3 star mastery Australian Wheat gives identical yields to the no mastery yellow onions. The farm specific crops do not recognize mastery. As you can see from the difference in the other two crops, planting crops that are not specific to the Australia farm on that farm will grant normal bushel yields.

Finally a look at the difference that mastery makes to bushel yields under the bushel report feature.


In the above screenshot Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes have no mastery, Turmeric has one mastery star, Amethyst Grapes have 2 mastery stars and Amber grain has three mastery stars. All of the above results are regular crops and with a double bushel statue.

Super Crops




In the above screenshots, Super Ginger has no mastery, Super Blackberry one mastery star, Super Strawberry two mastery stars and Super Morning Glory 3 mastery stars. Again a double bushel statue is present.

Also there is a random bug in crops and super crops on at least some farms, resulting in fully mastered super crops giving less bushel yield than regular crops. This happens sporadically and again they are working on a fix.



The above super pumpkins were planted in same plots on same farm, and super pumpkins were fully mastered prior to first planting.

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  1. Jade is now pathetic for bushels. I thought the point of the extra yield we had was because the number of plots was so restricted. I used to be able to plant 2 or 3 of each of land/sea/terrace crops, and get enough bushels for crafting. But now I find I can plant one crop only, to the maximum plots, and not get ANY bushels. What a waste of fuel and time! How are we meant to keep on crafting?? So disappointing.
    >>> If they are going to remove the added yield we used to have on the restricted farms, how about removing the restrictions!!! Make Jade, Hawaii, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland, all unlimited plots! Only then is it fair to have the same yield factor.

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  3. I've quit with massive planting and crafting... I was spending 4 hours a day on the game, now it's well under an hour, without the big bushel yields crafting is just no fun and I cannot afford statue's.... any money I do spend on the game goes on land expansions for farms I really really like or deco buildings..... I think slowly I will play less and less as it was that crazy circle of planting and crafting that kept me playing.

  4. I have a question on SUPER FERTERLIZER. How do we get it? I have received ZERO! Asked my friends and neither have they! It would be the only way to get more bushels to finish some tasks like for the unwither ring. Help! Linda Lockwood!

  5. How did you get your bushel capacity to 1175? Mine is 450 which is soooo annoying trying to do all the quests.


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