Farmville Fields of El Dorado First Look

Farmville Fields of El Dorado Logo

With a new year upon us soon too a new farm will follow. This time Farmville and Zynga will be releasing the Fields of El Dorado farm in early January. The new farm is set in the legendary El Dorado, the mythical lost city of gold located deep within the Amazon Rainforest. Spanish for “The Gilded One” El Dorado takes the name of a Musica chief who legend has it covered himself in gold dust. The legend of the mysterious golden city where he was said to rule captivated explorers for years, from the Spanish Conquistadors to Sir Walter Raleigh. Now the rich legend comes to Farmville.  Alongside our old friend the Duke from English Countryside and his assistant Sunny, we will explore El Dorado, meet some of its citizens Canek and Nikte and restore the city to gleam even brighter. Are you looking forward to playing Fields of El Dorado? Take a look at the preview of the all new farm below and do let us know. Please do share with your farming friends so they may check it out as well.

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  1. Thanks for the info!!! Although I am quite sure I will play this farm and most likely pay for early access, I really don't care for the graphics or the decorations. Its my least favorite so far. Oh well there is always the next one in a couple of months LOL :)


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