Farmville Bushel Report Yield Feedback Requested

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Farmville has recently rolled out a new feature called The Bushel Report. This feature is intended to standardize bushel yields and eliminate runs of bad luck ,but at same time eliminate runs of good luck. Farmville General Manager Heather Sinclair is requesting player feedback on the same. Let us know if it is working as intended. Please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

As a result of player feedback from our ASK The Dirt Farmer Group, Farmville General Manager Heather Sinclair has removed this feature from the game.

Below is the guide to the feature from the Zynga Support site, it indicates that you can expect 1 bushel for every 150 plots planted with adjustments up to a possible 16 for various factors.  Are you getting that many? Is that a fair yield?

(Note a player with a crop with no mastery yet/ doesn’t own a double bushel statue would have to plant 9,000 plots to fill a crafting cottage with basic 9-12 bushel recipes, it would take on average 4,000 plots on top of quest requirements to do an average quest) 

So far it appears to us, from experiences shared by members of our Ask The Dirt Farmer group, that the factors to increase are not working. Please do comment this post to let us know, it will be shared with Zynga. 

In This example from Locke’s farm, he is using super crops and owns a double bushel statue.
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From The Zynga Support Site
The Bushel Report - FAQ
Wed Dec 11 16:46:49 EST 2013 0 Likes
The Bushel Report
The bushel report tells you how many bushels you’ll find, once the crops on your farm are all grown and harvested. We kept hearing complaints from players that they would harvest fields full of crops and find no bushels at all. That is because before the bushel report, bushels were found randomly. This meant that you could get really lucky one day and find a lot more bushels than usual, but then you could also get really unlucky and find a lot less than usual. The bushel report makes sure that you don’t get unlucky. Instead of using randomness, you’ll now find bushels at a reliable pace as you harvest plots on your farm.
It also reminds you when you’re about to run out of space in your Market Stall bushel inventory, and it helpfully tells you how many plots you currently have planted on your farm, out of each crop you’re growing. But keep in mind – a withered plot can’t be harvested, so it doesn’t help you progress towards your next bushel!
Bushel Bonuses
There are several things you can do to get more bushels than the base rate which is 1 bushel per 150 plots.
  • Double Bushel Statue – This statue gives you +100% on your bushel find rate for every crop.
  • Crop Mastery – Each mastery star that you’ve gotten gives you +100% on your bushel find rate for that crop.
  • Super Crops – Planting a super crop gives you +300% on your bushel find rate for that super crop. This is due to the 3 mastery stars on the basic crop required to unlock the super crop.
  • Organic Fertilizer – Using organic fertilizer gives you a second bushel every time you find one.
As an example, let’s say I’m growing Super Potatoes and I have 150 plots of them. I’ve mastered them to 3 stars. I have a Double Bushel Statue and I apply Organic Fertilizer to my farm. Here’s how many Super Potato Bushels I’ll find:
  • 1 - Base Rate
  • +1 - Double Bushel Statue
  • +3 - Super Crop
  • +3 - 3 mastery stars
This gives me 8 bushels. But instead of finding them all at once when I encounter that lucky 1 plot in 100, I now find them gradually as I go along my farm while harvesting plots. In this case, I’ll find 1 every 18 to 19 plots that I harvest. And in addition, because I applied Organic Fertilizer, I get another bushel each time I find one, so I actually get 8 more. That’s 16 total.

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  2. I used to LOVE crafting in Farmville... but now they're made it IMPOSSIBLE to craft my favorite recipes to earn my fuel. You get so few bushels from harvesting it's crazy. I've started plowing my farms under gradually. I've had my issues with this game throughout but this is the straw that broke the camels back. The SUPER crops should remain SUPER - we've earned them. I don't mind the hit or miss on the bushels - but now there are no hits.... it's just not worth it. I'l miss my Farmville neighbors. P.S. I've been playing since the game started - that's when it was fun - decorating and visiting your friend's farms for prizes. No fun anymore.

  3. I thought I read that Zynga did this so bushels would be more consistent and we would know exactly what we would get. If that is the intention your Bushel Manager is broken. On the same farm, using the same crops, I have gotten bushels from as low as 5 to as much as 85. Prior to Bushel Manager bushels amounts awarded were random, it appears they still are. Grade-Fail for consistency.

    There is no possible way my Double Bushel Statue can possibly be working. I have gotten yields of 15 with a Double Bushel Statue since Bushel Manager. Since when does FV award 1/2 bushels? Grade-Fail

    Super Crops are no longer super. I have planted Wheat and Super Wheat on the same farm 50/50 and the Regular Wheat produced more bushels then the Super Wheat. Grade-Fail

    Please ask before you choose to make me a an unpaid guinea pig yo test your products. I understand this feature was only rolled out to appx 10% of Farmers. This feature does not work and needs to be removed. You will lose Farmers. I will have not active playing neighbors and I will be forced to stop playing. I Love FV. Please fix this

    Sincerely a long time daily player Level 500+

  4. The feature works as it says it should; however, they need to increase the bushel yield. Even planting super crops and using a fertilize all, I'm yielding approx 50 bushels for 2,000 plots. That's not fair. I need to make things in the crafting shops for fuel, and they're making it impossible...

  5. Sorry Zynga I agree with all the comments I've just read. Farmville use to be fun game but it seems that all you keep doing is taking the fun out of this game. We don't need limits on our bushel crops or anything else. You keep raising the cost of most things we need to make it easier to play and I just want to know what happen to the great Farmville I started playing back in 2009. You need to remember where you started and how many gamers you had that were happy! I can say that is definitely not the case today! You will be losing many players and as much I like Farmville, I'm right there with those who say enough is enough! Listen to your gamers who know what they are talking about. We're out here in the fields and you are there in your offices out of touch with the players who spend their hard earned money playing Farmville! This all makes me very sad! :-( I do hope you will read all comments!

  6. The entire Bushel Report needs to be repealed. I worked hard to master super crops and now Zynga says we do not care about your history of work. We have decided to cheapen it with very little to show for for years of mastery. Sheesh, did no one in FV have an excel spreadsheet that showed yield last week versus the puny returns now found. This is truly horrible and I craft a lot! Sorry, used to...

  7. Please tell me why I should have to BUY a bushel statue AND organic fertilizer to get some sort of reasonable return on bushels?? I've also been playing since the beginning. I love crafting and it is my main thing. If any building requires crafting, I can always get it done. Every single day though I have a fuel crisis, it is only because of the many neighbors I have them I'm able to get enough fuel to continue harvesting. And now you are asking me to plant even MORE! Come on, even the super crops are pathetic! I haven't crafted since getting this bushel report because there is NO POINT! And the sad thing is I was looking forward to this report! I was hoping for some consistency but now YOU CAN TAKE IT BACK! I will not be crafting until this is working and if it goes on long enough I QUIT!!!

  8. 500 plots of a 3 star mastery super crop yielded 23 bushels on my home farm. Using fertilize all makes no difference. There is no longer 2x bushels for Hawaii or 5x bushels for Jade Falls. Before the bushel report I could plant Jade Falls with a 3 star mastery crop, fertilize it and get 30 to 50 bushels, now I get 12. I could plant Hawaii with 3 star mastered Royal Tarot and get a return of 150 to 200 bushels which enable me to craft poi for fuel, now I get 15. I planted my entire Australia with 3 different crops for 0 bushels. The joy went out of trees when the pictures no longer appeared in posts, this has taken the joy out of crafting! And I can't use turbo on my large farms.

    1. I am also particularly annoyed that it pops up when harvesting animals or orchards! It was very frustrating to harvest my England farm and see all of the little popups for extra bushels that I didn't get. Until this is removed or fixed, I will only plant the crops required for missions. I guess I will get bushels to swap for what I need from my neighbors since I can't get them from my fields!

  9. This new bushel control is PATHETIC!!!! I used to plant Super Blueberry , Super Blackberry, Super Strawberry, Raspberry, & Super Aloe vera on my Jade Falls & I would consistently get 100+ bushels for all but Rasp(30-40), Super Strawberry (50-60).Which was enough to run most of my wineries. After this current (screwed up) advancement, I received a TOTAL of 13 bushels for the whole DAMN farm!!! WTH can I craft with that???? can't even fill one winery! This needs to be fixed ASAP, before you drive everyone away!!!!!

  10. I have received the Bushel Report and the elements that it has going for it is: listing of bushel yield(I like the idea of consistency), easy access to market stall, immediate access to the current # bushels in Market Stall, so that we don't find out we won't have enough room until it's too late to do anything about it.
    Problems, Yield much too low(for a mastered crop 1 bushel per 38 plots). As of yesterday, super crops seemed to be giving bushels at same rate as regular crops but today they were giving a SLIGHTLY improved yield(1 bushel per 23 plots). [I used to get at least a 4/1 on a mastered crop ie if i got 5 bushels of a regular mastered crop--i'd get 20 bushels of its super crop]
    Jade Falls(5x), Hawaiian Paradise(3x) and Haunted Hollow(2x)[tho I've seen help sites that say Mistletoe Lane, I never saw it]--All gave extra bushels on their farms; this is no longer so. With Jade Falls/Hawaiian Paradise this especially made sense since we pay in coconuts/jade coin for some of the farming cost(Plus the extremely limited space allotted to farming in Jade Falls). I used to, easily, get 1 bushel/1 plot ratio on Forbidden crops in Jade Falls and now they don't even seem to be giving bushels at a Super crop rate(as of yesterday)
    ALSO the Fertilize All is not working, the alternative option to use Organic Fertilizer(FC only) is NOT an acceptable substitute.
    A friend pointed out that since the roll out started(and he didn't even get the bushel report in recompense), he no longer gets the notice of how many bushels he's harvested, nor the opportunity to share a bushel with a friend. The only way he can learn how many bushels he's harvested is to go to his market stall afterwards & look(and he has to know how many he had to start with--most people do not remember that information).
    I was so excited to receive this new function and now find myself sadly disappointed with its execution. Too many bugs detract from what is really a good idea.
    PS YOU really need to FIX Australia's bushel yield. I'm still getting(For mastered crops) only 2 bushels from over 300 plots--this is SIMPLY unacceptable!
    PPS some sort of acknowledgement of withered crops would be nice--for when there are those hidden, withered plots--it would be nice to know how many(and if you could search for them with the golden retriever--Even better)

  11. Please increase the bushel yield! I was getting many more bushels before this! These are your high end players commenting here. We are the ones spending the money. I was getting 4 bushels on the new Holly farm with my crop statue and now I am only getting 2. I got only one without the statue. You have cut us by 30%. Please reconsider.

  12. It's gone and i'm so pleased, I quit all my farms while it was there... what baffles me beyond believe is the statement explaining it all.. saying as though it's perfectly fine for a small farm with 200 or less plows to only get 3 bushels.... the start of of 1 bushels per 150 plows is mind bogglingly ridiculous for this to have worked at all it needed to be at least 10..... then with all the mastery and stuff we would get a decent harvest... but no someone came up with 1 per 150......... do they not play their own game, do any of them craft... i'd say i'm speechless but that not true cos i've written more on this subject over the last few days than on any other, not even the loss of my farms animation for 2 years got me so riled up.

  13. If it is truly gone, and yields are back where they were, i shall be a happy camper, this gave me sleepless nights! As a multiply handicapped person this game is one of the few things that I can still do and i enjoy my interaction with other players, some of whom, have become good friends over the years. Also in passing i would like to mention that Zynga should keep in mind they are a stock held company now, and intentionally devaluing their product, could entail, lengthy and expensive procedural suits!

  14. I never got the feature but was looking for a bit of consistency and I liked the idea of the bushel report. However, I was astonished at the proposed bushel counts and equally shocked at the reports in the comments above. I would like to hear some comments from you all as to whether you would have been pleased had you gotten the same 3x,5x multipliers on the special farms, gotten 10 bushels per 150 plots as a base and 20 for two starts and 30 for 3 stars.... Then a MULTIPLIER not an additive for supers .... Can someone come up with a proposal that seems to satisfy us? The idea I think was good had it worked consistently for all of you, but I think the quantities are the main issue.

    I am also a heavy crafter and was almost in tears when I read the details of the formula - no way would I have been able to continue ( would get more of my life back without having to plant much of anything).

    Personally I would have liked a guaranteed base (of an at least 10/150 base) and a randomly generated bonus. For instance it is nice getting a standard 8 bushels for a super planting of some size, but it is exciting to suddenly get 24 :) Would be nice if the 8 were guaranteed, but with upside potential.

    So- idea ok? Execution poor? Fixable?????


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