Farmville Beat Fields of El Dorado Strategy Guide

As with most new farms, Farmville Will soon be releasing a Beat Fields of El Dorado event to our farms, to enable players to earn a free shipping license. This is a 4 part challenging quest that involves completing many aspects of the farm. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide with some tips for you, to help you accomplish this task more quickly and simply if you so choose. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

For our post with all the specific requirements of the Beat Fields of El Dorado Event click here. For The Complete Guide to The Fields of El Dorado Farm click here.

Stage 10

The first step in Beat Fields of El Dorado is completing the Hidden Palace to level 10

This building requires somewhere around 402 parts (Remember this is a SMART building so total parts required can vary up or down by player).  So far it appears to be standard ask and post parts, a welcome relief from constant crafting. The best way to complete this quickly is check the feed often during Early Access (whether or not you purchase) and the first week of General Access when many are sharing parts.

If you have mutual friends, it can also be helpful to partner with a few of them, take turns adding parts, posting and collect from each other.

Stage 2 involves mastering 21 specific Fields of El Dorado crops to 3 stars.

For a list of which specific crops click here.
For a list of mastery numbers click here.
Turquoise Puya Bushel

  • Always USE A BUSHEL of the same crop when harvesting the crops required for Beat events for double mastery. While bushels are hard to come by, increased mastery increases bushel production so it is well spent in 2 ways.
  • INSTAGROW from leaderboards or Hanging Gardens or some quests are another way to speed up the process.
  • Use the TRADING POST. Each time you claim an order that you have placed there for a friend’s crops you get 3 mastery points. Each time you fill an order from a friend you also get 3 mastery points. Working together with neighbors to order each other’s crops needed for Beat events will help all of you achieve it faster.
Trading Post

Step 3 is to level the Herbal Hut to 5 Stars.
  • If you have good access to bushels and adequate coins to do so, you can repeatedly buy and sell your Herbal Hut to make more recipes and level it up faster. For step by step instructions click here. For a video tutorial click here.
  • For tips to increase bushel production on your farm click here.
  • For tips on claiming bushels successfully from your friends click here.

Step 4 Consists of making all 15 animals in the Jungle Hideaway. For a strategy guide to the park click here.

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