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As with all the new farms, even for the Farmville Fields of El Dorado farm, we will be having a Beat Farm event, where you will be given a set of objectives and upon achieving them, you get special prizes for your efforts… Below is the info that we have gathered till now for your reference on the Beat the Fields of El Dorado Event… Remember to share the post with friends if you like it…
For more information related to the Farmville Fields of El Dorado farm, you can check our Fields of El Dorado Complete Guide

First, a look at the loading screen of the Beat Event

Despite the fact that the below loading screen pictures an unwither ring for Fields of El Dorado and would seem to hint that Zynga is offering it as a prize, they have not coded an Unwither Ring to be a prize for this feature - only the items listed in the below table will be received for completing the Beat Event.

A look at the Beat Fields of El Dorado Statue

For a strategy guide to Beat Fields of El Dorado Click here.

A look at the requirements to Beat Fields of El Dorado



Expand The Hidden Palace To Level 10 

2000 Rainforest Points

Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these Fields of El Dorado Crops: 


Wild Pinto Bean, Eclipse Sunflower,Golden Wheat, Cocoa Coffee, Prickly Pear, Jungle Blackberry, Vanilla Vine, Bromeliad, Maize, Tomatillo, Volcano Chili Pepper, Emerald Pineapple, Turquoise Puya, Butterfly Orchid, Chaya Spinach, Avocado Squash, Chayote, Cassava, Heliconia, Jicama, Banana Blossom

Instagrow Potion

2 Instagrow

Make All 15 Animals in the Jungle Hideaway

For A strategy guide to the Jungle Hideaway click  here.


5 Unwither


Upgrade the Herbal Hut to 5 Stars

4000 Rainforest Points

All 4 of the above tasks 

(Crops, Herbal Hut , Jungle Hideaway and Improve the Hidden  Palace to the highest level  )

Beat Fields of El Dorado Statue, and Shipping License for Fields of El Dorado

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  1. love the wonderful work you have done to help us farm the new farm easier .... also Zynga's giving us another unwither ring :)

  2. Wow this is a hard one, no sleep for me...


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