FarmVille is considering a Player Rewards Program as a way of showing appreciation toward loyal FarmVille Players.
The FarmVille Studio is currently seeking your ideas to make the Rewards Program even better.

FarmVille Lead Developer, Bruce Harlick, has reached out to the Dirt Farmer Community…Asking for our input on what we’d like to see in a “frequent flyer” type program.
What Rewards, Discounts or Opportunities do you think would make such a program UNIQUE and FUN!!!
Would you like to see a “points” system?
How about a point system that not only awards daily play but gives points for Mastering Crops, Completing Quests and even Winning a Leaderboard Event?
Would you suggest Consumable Prizes such as Fuel, UnWithers and Insta Grows?
Or…Can you think of something more imaginable?
Maybe even a new unique type of Decoration that’s EXCLUSIVE to the Rewards Feature…
Feel FREE to make your COMMENTS to this Post.


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  1. We need coin expansions--try offering those for points. Thank you

  2. what about rewards based on the time you spend on the game, for me its hours, sometimes I just putz, but I am always working on them as it is a chore now almost no fun....I don't do quests, I don't do a lot of anything except try to beat the farms and its really hard at the moment trying to master trees is so hard now...... thank you dirt farmer

  3. I think finished recipes should give you the option to share or keep fuel when turning them in.
    I think recipes should give you a part to the new buildables, it's very difficult to get passed the first few animals in the new Elite Horses and the other one.
    I think we should have the option to share gathered bushels instead of keeping them.
    I would love to have some kind of harvest all farms -plant all farms button.
    Would love to see an old animals home to keep my favs but not harvest anymore.

  4. "SEND" only button in Message Center or Zmail. My GB can get kind of full. I try my best to keep it down. However; I would like to see an option to SEND ONLY. They have a ACCEPT only. That would be nice. Thank you..

    1. I think a Send only would be a fantastic addition to the gifting process! I want to help everyone who asks but the time it takes to get rid of items I didn't need is a giant pain in the "Patoot"

  5. I definitely like the idea of letting us choose what our reward should be. Everyone plays this game differently.

    I would love to be able to skip an entire level of a quest - all three parts. It would have to grant you the reward for that step in case it's needed for a subsequent step.

    I would love to unlock some old items. I'm missing 3 unwither rings (hawaiian, winter, lighthouse).

    Maybe a free growth of a baby animal, or the ability to grow one that is usually not available that way. I was very sad I couldn't grow a foal from a horse that was only available before I started playing.

    I love the ideas for using coin. I also have 3B and nothing to spend it on.

    Maybe ability to speed up the readiness of a animal building or an orchard.

    I like fuel but if I could see all my neighbors' goods, I wouldn't have this problem.

    Being able to ask for goods needed for quest 1 step beforehand.

    Can't think of anything else right now.

  6. When I say speed up readiness, I mean of just that one building or orchard. Not the entire farm.

  7. how about some cash as gift this time or few hrs to complete ur colection from last 4 yrs animals/trees for coins or may be discounted cash prices.....and definately coin expansions 4 all...or may be a stable for all farm and players

  8. Allow us to make our own prices for crafted goods.

    Allow us to trade in extra consumables (not unlike swapping bushels).

  9. Why not just add the point system to what is already in place? Award a certain number of points for completing each part of a quest (so you can be rewarded with whatever you're able to accomplish), mastering a crop/animal/tree, harvesting a certain number of plots/orchards/animal pens, visiting a certain number of neighbors or miscellaneous things that we farmers do (kind of like the Ribbon program). Let us know up front how many points will be awarded for each activity and what those points will be worth. The rewards could be a mixture of animals, trees, decos, parts, consumables, etc. Better yet, give us some choices Don't make the points given so FEW & the points needed so HIGH that it just isn't worth the effort. And please, please, please do not in any way, form or fashion base this on the amount of FV$ purchased.

  10. Loyalty Program.

    Make it where you can craft special items such as Unwithers, Turbos, Organic fertilizer, Insta Grow or even the Unwither ring once you reach a certain level. I do enjoy the leader board where you can get some unwither or insta grow, making it to the top is not a neccessity.

  11. regardless of method, most peeps would like instant grows, coin expansions and fvc as prizes - but only compete against yourself - based on what you do

  12. I like the idea of reward points. Awarded for daily play, crafting a certain number of a particular item, sliding scale of points for top ten leader board finishers, completing all breeds in buildings like Deer woods, Unicorn island, etc.
    Redeem for FV Cash would be nice. Other ideas for redemption: instagrow, unwither rings, turbos.
    Thanks for asking for input.

  13. i would love to see neighbor to neighbor garage sales. allow us to sell items to each other. that would be fun and it could promote farm visits.

    1. I like this idea a lot. I have soooo much stuff clogging my storage and it would be fun "selling" and "buying" from neighbors.

    2. I think they tried something like this once before and it was a bit of a disaster - I can;t remember what it was called now. I would do it as a virtual "Freecycle" Basically you would put up something you didn't want and people would "bid" with items they didn't want and you could accept or reject their offer. I see it working a bit like the bushel swap feature There would have to be some limits - otherwise you would end up with people offering masses of cheap stuff and getting no takers. Perhaps the two Items would need to be of equivalent FC or coin value? I do a lot of decorating on my farms and often I am missing one or two fences or similar items which are now unobtainable and it spoils the effect I am trying to achieve. Sometimes the items are not even expensive, you just cant buy them anymore and it is very annoying. It would also be a way to recycle stuff you just don't want anymore. I suspect the underlying code wouldn't be too hard to implement - it should just involve a subroutine that changes the "ownership" pointer on the item from one player to the other. Food for thought.

  14. I do like the idea of a rewards point system for frequent (daily) players, or players who are recognized by their neighbors as having helped out frequently, or helped a new player out, or recruited a new player. I would not tie the rewards point system to the weekly leaderboard challenge. It would be cool if in-game you could bring up a more detailed player profile view, and it would show much more info about their progress, and what rewards they have earned. I could also see some sort of farmer Badge award system, that gives special badges to frequent flyers that show up on this more detailed player profile.

  15. I was a huge fan of Zynga Rewards - which was a reward system for playing several Zynga games. I loved earning 50 fuel refills! I desperately need fuel, and I'd love a way to earn it just by playing. I also miss the double mastery weekends. Maybe that could be a reward too.

  16. Stables for all farms for any player over level 100, dairy barns for all players over 125 and nursery barns for players over level 150.

    Coin expansions for all farms to the highest level except the 2 newest as that is where the fvc is being spent by most.

    Add the 1 fvc back into egg's and special delivery boxes (old mystery gift).

  17. Make previously retired trees and crops available again - maybe for a limited time, maybe redeemable for the proposed points.

  18. Please give us the option of listing craft goods from high to low price or low to high price when we are buying!...we need lots of fuel, but it takes SO LONG to click through 100 neighbors' goods to get to the higher priced stuff!

  19. not so much everything being for fv cash love playing but gets old when i cant expand without fm cash and you cant get videos to work i dont have the money to buy fm cash if i did i would but just dont and it isnt fair to not be able to do simple things like upgrading our farms cause we dont have the money to buy fm cash

  20. oh hey there,,, all of yall been doing great with all these new farms thats been coming up,,,,, have you all ever thought of having BUTTERFLY WORLD,,, i see many many people loves butterflies,,,, that be so coool


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