FarmVille Super Plots

#Zynga #FarmVille will soon be introducing a new feature to our farms. The Super Plots. Check out unreleased images #TheDirtFarmer team has found for you and please don’t forget to share the post with your friends if you find it helpful.

Update : It now appears that Super Plots will only be available for Farm Cash. You will be able to purchase 1 Super Plot for 5 Farm Cash, 10 Super Plots for 40 Farm Cash, 25 Super Plots for 90 Farm Cash or 50 Super Plots for 140 Farm Cash, The total limit of 100 would still seem to apply.
A look at the high resolution pop up we will receive on our farms when the feature goes live.

Now a look at the tutorial images we have found.

The Super Plots will be available on all farms.. The Super Plots will help you save space and farm faster. You will be able to plant a maximum number of 100 Super Plots on your farms.

The Super Plots will basically be 5 regular plots in 1. You will be able to harvest 1 Super Plot with 1 can of fuel. You will be receiving 5 times of every benefit you receive from a regular plot which means Super Plots will give you 5 times mastery, crop yield, bushels and XP.

That’s all we have on the Super Plots for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille info and news and don’t forget to keep checking back on our post as we will be updating as and when new info becomes available.

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  1. 5 plots into one means only gaining space to me, faster I do not know there is instagrow and water well to do it fast. I hope they do not charge FV for this idea, it will be stupid to do so.

  2. I wonder if these plots will count as 5 crops grown for the leaderboard challenges?

  3. My concern is gas. I have to make goods like crazy just to keep up with what I plant or buy goods from neighbors. Buying goods seems to me like I'm farming for my neighbors. Will our gas pumps give more gas when this goes live?

  4. Like the idea PROVIDED it doesn't alter anything else... I have a deep routed dread of things changing since that awful thing a few weeks ago where an unlucky few of us had hardly any bushels, thank goodness it was removed.... so yeah as long as everything else stays the same I don't mind anything new coming along seeing as how it's pretty much up to the individual as to whether they use it.


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