FarmVille Sasha The Grocer Has Arrived Mini Quest Guide

#Zynga #Farmville is getting ready to release a new type of quests to our farm soon, this time a mini quest. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for more details and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

Expected duration of this Farmville mini quest is from 25th November, 2013 to 19th December,2013.

Note: This is an all farm quest and repeatable. Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them. Images will only show up when they are available in the game files. For updated list of crop alternatives that can be used for quest planting, click here.

Quest Info

Step 1

Lemon Tree  allPeas  allArborists  gradeAFodder  Market Square Pegacorn 
1. Harvest 30 Lemon Trees 2. Harvest 400 Peas 3. Make 1 Arborist in the Craftshop 4. Make 5 Grade A Fodder in Elite Horses Reward: 1 Market Square Pegacorn
Other Rewards:
Quest Tips: Peas Alternative: Pea(23 hrs), Purple Podded Pea(23 hrs), English Pea(12 hrs ), Super Pea(23 hrs), Field Peas(15 hrs 54 mins), Field Peas(15 hrs 54 mins), Yellow Field Peas(15 hrs 54 mins), Pod Peas(12 hrs )
Step 2

milkshake  dressings  allFarmhands  allSoybeans  Harvest Market Horse 
1. Make any 4 Milkshakes in the Dairy 2. Make 6 Dressings in Elite Horses 3. Make 5 Farmhands in Craftshop 4. Harvest 700 Soybean Reward: 1 Harvest Market Horse
Other Rewards:
Quest Tips: Soybeans Alternative: Soybean(23 hrs)
Step 3

Kindle Onions  Auroral Corn  Santaberry Surprise  Cinnaburst Buns  Harvest Clydesdale 
1. Harvest 300 Kindle Onions 2. Harvest 150 Auroral Corn 3. Harvest 5 Santaberry Surprise in the Sparkle Cafe 4. Make 3 Cinnaburst Buns in the Sparkle Cafe Reward: 1 Harvest Clydesdale
Other Rewards:
Quest Tips:
Step 4

allBroccoli  blissserum  endurance  2 Large Cans of Fuel  Autumn Festival Pegacorn 
1. Harvest 700 Broccoli 2. Make 3 Bliss Serums in the Apothecary 3. Make 3 Endurance in  Elite Horses 4. Make 2 Large Cans of Fuel 5 Times in the Craftshop Reward: 1 Autumn Festival Pegacorn
Other Rewards:
Quest Tips: Broccoli Alternative: Broccoli(46 hrs)
Bushels Required:
Craftshop Requirements: 3 Peanut Busheşs, 3 Morning Glory Bushels, 3 Carrot Bushels, 10 Cotton Bushels, 25 Soybean Bushels, 10 Cherry Baskets,10 Wheat Bushel, 10 Wool Bundles
Elite Horses Requirements: 64 Meal, 38 Water Pail, 46 Fabric, 32 Grooming Kit, 4 Hoof Polish, 6 Rank,  
Dairy Requirements16 Milk, 8 Banana/ Strawberry/ Cocoa/ Vanilla
Sparkle Cafe Requirements: 10 Santaberries Bushel, 10 Sugar N Sprites Bushel, 15 Rice Bushel, 9 Cinnaburst Bushel, 6 Seasonal Spirits Bushel, 9 Carrot Bushel

Apothecary Requirements: 6 Elixir Philter, 6 BBottled Tonic, 6 Red Remedy
Plots Required: 2280
Note: As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quest across the farms for better planning. More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out. Stay Tuned.

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  1. This didn't start well! I harvested 100's of all sorts of lemon trees in all of my farms and they ONLY COUNTED for3?????? What's wrong with Zynga? I guess there is no reason to even try this one.

  2. it has to be the regular lemon tree ... I just kept moving the only (1) I had into different orchards to harvest it.

    1. Thanks for the tip, you are absolutely right :-)

  3. I haven't gotten this quest but I plan ahead...I am confused though. For the last level the guide says to craft the "2 large fuel cans." In the bushels needed section the guide gives the bushels for the "fuel can" craft not the 2 large. Any idea which one we need?

  4. Glad to know we need the regular lemon trees. Thanks ricdebparrish

  5. AN FYI: In Part #4 the bushel requirements for "Make 2 Large Cans of Fuel 5 Times in the Craftshop" are incorrect. The bushel requirements s/b as follows: 20 carrot bushels, 20 ghost chili bushels, 20 wool bundles.
    The original post gives the recipe requirements for the single fuel cans.

    Didn't want anyone collecting the wrong bushels or crafting the wrong items :)


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