Farmville Beat Holiday Lights Strategy Guide

As with most new farms, Farmville has released a Beat Holiday Lights event to our farms, to enable players to earn a free shipping license. This is a 4 part challenging quest that involves completing many aspects of the farm. Your Dirt Farmer team has a guide with some tips for you, to help you accomplish this task more quickly and simply if you so choose. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

For the our post with all the specific requirements of the Beat Holiday Lights Event click here.

Special thanks to some very special friends for help and ideas on what would be helpful to include here. 

Farmville Hollybright Tree

The first step in Beat Holiday Lights is completing the Holly Bright Tree to level 30

To do this you must open all 30 presents. Each present requires a different number of Sparkle Lights, this number steadily increases until the last gift which requires 95 Sparkle lights  to open.  For a chart of lights per gift click here. Gift #30 includes a free Holiday Lights Unwither Ring.


You can obtain Sparkle Lights randomly by harvesting the crops specific to the Holiday Lights farm. Planting short term crops, like Santaberries for more than one harvest per day can help with this, but there does appear to be a cap on how many you can obtain this way daily. Our team and others we have spoken to vary between a max of 50-100 Sparkle lights from crops per day.

We have learned that all farm crops are also giving Sparkle Lights for some players when planted on Holiday Lights. If you have the Pizza Shop feature, you can quickly accumulate your days cap with the 8 minute White Wheat. Thanks to Farmer Pam for the tip.

You can also craft the Sparkle lights in the Craftshop. For recipes click here.
  • The BUCKET of Sparkle Lights gives 1 light per recipe
  • The CRATE of Sparkle Lights gives 3 Lights per recipe
  • The CHEST of Sparkle lights gives 5 lights per recipe

      The CHEST will give you the quickest turnaround/ most value for you work, it grants 5 lights per craft for 15 bushels used. The Bucket requires 9 for 1 light and the chest 12 for 3.


      If you can manage to fill 1 expanded craftshop with Chest recipes daily that’s 40 lights. 2 expanded craftshops would be 80 lights. You can complete the tree in less than a month with one craftshop per day, less than 2 weeks with 2 craftshops per day. Any that you acquire from harvesting crops or additional recipes will further speed the process.

    Stage 2 involves mastering 12 specific Holiday Lights crops to 3 stars.

    For a list of which specific crops click here.
    Seasonal Spirits Bushel

    • Always USE A BUSHEL of the same crop when harvesting the crops required for Beat events for double mastery. While bushels are hard to come by, increased mastery increases bushel production so it is well spent in 2 ways.
    • INSTAGROW from leaderboards or Hanging Gardens or some quests are another way to speed up the process.
    • Use the TRADING POST. Each time you claim an order that you have placed there for a friend’s crops you get 3 mastery points. Each time you fill an order from a friend you also get 3 mastery points. Working together with neighbors to order each other’s crops needed for Beat events will help all of you achieve it faster.
    Trading Post

    Step 3 is to level the Sparkle Café to 5 Stars.
    • If you have good access to bushels and adequate coins to do so, you can repeatedly buy and sell your Sparkle Café to make more recipes and level it up faster. For step by step instructions click here. For a video tutorial click here.
    • For tips to increase bushel production on your farm click here.
    • For tips on claiming bushels successfully from your friends click here.

    Step 4 Consists of making all 15 animals in the HOLLYBRIGHT PARK. For a strategy guide to the park click

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    1. 8 minute crop white wheat gives you sparkle lights in holiday farm :)

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    4. the pizza shop crops are showing 2 hours timing in my marketplace. I am searching for updated information on the pizza crafting building.


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