Farmville Holiday Lights Crafting at the Sparkle Cafe

Farmville Holiday Lights Farm
With every new farm comes your unique crafting cottage… This time around, #Zynga #Farmville is giving us the Sparkle Café to craft our Holiday Lights recipes in (click here for preview images of these recipes). Check below to see the images #theDirtFarmer has found for this, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful…
To know more about the Farmville Holiday Lights Farm, don’t forget to check out our Holiday Lights Complete Guide

Below is a chart of the various recipes that we can make in the Sparkle Café... Their bushel requirements, mastery level requirements, and also their requirements with respect to the building level required to craft that recipe... All info in one place...
By the way, if you are wondering why some bushels show very low timings than actuals for the regular crops, let me clarify that the timings are following a new pattern… For example, while the Sunflower crop takes 1 day to grow, the Club Sunflower crop (when available) can be grown in 2 hours and will still give the same Sunflower Bushel, and hence the lower timing has been considered for the benefit of the players… You can check the timings for all the crops in the DF Crop Chart

Star-Level RequiredRecipe NameBushels RequiredMastery NumbersCraft Time
Bushel 1Bushel 2Bushel 3
1Blazing Pepper Pie
Blazing Pepper Pie
3 Blazing Peppers Bushel3 Radiant Radish Bushel3 Sugar Cane Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins12 hrs8 hrs
Cinnaburst Buns
Cinnaburst Buns
3 Cinnabursts Bushel2 Seasonal Spirits Bushel3 Carrot Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
8 hrs15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
Guided Cherry Cobbler
Guided Cherry Cobbler
3 Sleigh Guider Cherries Bushel3 Luminous Ginger Bushel3 Wheat Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins19 hrs 54 mins11 hrs 30 mins
Santaberry Surprise
Santaberry Surprise
2 Santaberries Bushel2 Sugar n' Sprites Bushel3 Rice Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
4 hrs15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs
2Blueberry Cupcake
Blueberry Cupcake
3 Borealis Blueberries Bushel2 Auroral Corn Bushel2 Strawberry Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
12 hrs46 hrs3 hrs 48 mins
Radiant Radish Crostini
Radiant Radish Crostini
3 Radiant Radish Bushel3 Shiny Sprouts Bushel4 Lilac Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
12 hrs12 hrs9 hrs 30 mins
Shiny Sprouts Salad
Shiny Sprouts Salad
2 Shiny Sprouts Bushel3 Roman Candle Cauliflower Bushel2 Rye Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
12 hrs14 hrs19 hrs 54 mins
3Glazed Snow Peas
Glazed Snow Peas
2 Hollybright Snow Peas Bushel3 Auroral Rosemary Bushel3 Blackberry Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
14 hrs23 hrs3 hrs 48 mins
Luminous Ginger Beer
Luminous Ginger Beer
3 Luminous Ginger Bushel3 Seasonal Spirits Bushel3 Rhubarb Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins15 hrs 54 mins16 hrs
Roasting Chestnut Mix
Roasting Chestnut Mix
2 Roasting Chestnuts Bushel3 Candle Light Cranberries Bushel3 White Grape Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
23 hrs23 hrs12 hrs
Roman Cauliflower Pasta
Roman Cauliflower Pasta
2 Roman Candle Cauliflower Bushel3 Silvery Squash Bushel2 Red Tulip Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
14 hrs19 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
Silvery Squash Rolls
Silvery Squash Rolls
3 Silvery Squash Bushel3 Blazing Peppers Bushel3 Blueberry Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
19 hrs 54 mins9 hrs 30 mins3 hrs 48 mins
4Aural Kettle Corn
Aural Kettle Corn
3 Auroral Corn Bushel3 Sugar n' Sprites Bushel3 Coffee Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
46 hrs15 hrs 54 mins8 hrs
Cranberry Biscotti
Cranberry Biscotti
3 Candle Light Cranberries Bushel3 Cinnabursts Bushel3 Grape Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
23 hrs8 hrs12 hrs
Kindle Onion Rings
Kindle Onion Rings
3 Kindle Onions Bushel3 Auroral Corn Bushel3 Strawberry Bushel22/32/42/52/62360 mins
23 hrs46 hrs3 hrs 48 mins
Rosemary Red Potatoes
Rosemary Red Potatoes
3 Auroral Rosemary Bushel2 Kindle Onions Bushel3 Pineapple Bushel10/20/30/40/50360 mins
23 hrs23 hrs8 hrs
5Cinnaburst Chestnuts
Cinnaburst Chestnuts
2 Cinnabursts Bushel3 Roasting Chestnuts Bushel3 Sunflower Bushel13/23/33/43/53360 mins
8 hrs23 hrs12 hrs
Seasonal Spirit
Seasonal Spirit
3 Seasonal Spirits Bushel3 Hollybright Poinsettia Bushel3 Peppermint Bushel19/29/39/49/59360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins15 hrs 54 mins23 hrs
Stuffed Blazing Peppers
Stuffed Blazing Peppers
2 Blazing Peppers Bushel3 Kindle Onions Bushel2 Pineapple Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
9 hrs 30 mins23 hrs8 hrs
Sugar n
Sugar n' Sprite Cookies
3 Sugar n' Sprites Bushel3 Borealis Blueberries Bushel3 Golden Poppy Bushel16/26/36/46/56360 mins
15 hrs 54 mins12 hrs23 hrs

A look at the stages of the Sparkle Cafe

That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info.

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