Farmville Holiday Lights Complete Guide

With Zynga’s Farmville Holiday Lights being released, your Dirt Farmer Team brings you the complete guide to the new farm. Here, you will find all links relevant to the new farm in a single place to make sure you don’t miss anything. Please share with all your Farmville friends to keep them informed.

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  1. Enough is enough with all these farms. Are they trying to drive people away? We do a new farm & it becomes useless afterwards.

  2. They need to increase the storage for each farm. they give us new farms and new decorations,but don't increase the storage. :(

  3. They need to give us access to more gas through goods.

  4. I finished the vote and received the completed winter cabin BUT it floats in the air above the farm, not sitting down like it should! And a friend has the same problem! Anyone else? Grrrr


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