Farmville Apothecary Strategy To Ease The Level Up Burden


Are you stressed about the Farmville Apothecary? Wish Renara had a lightning bolt for it or you had a race car to catch the Dash of Fortune? As we know, you will need a level 25 Apothecary to craft 2 Dash of Fortune in order to Beat Mystical Groves and obtain your storage transfer license. Recently the Apothecary recipes have been appearing in all farm quests as well, with the Soothing Salve which requires a level 11 Apothecary required for step 9 of an upcoming all farm quest. If Beat events or quests are among your favorite parts of the game, you need to level up to be able to complete them. Your Dirt Farmer team has some tips and strategy for you to help you level up your Apothecary more quickly. Please do share our post with friends to help them too.

Thanks to members of our ASK The Dirt Farmer group for the tip.

On the surface, the Apothecary appears simple and straight forward. The game gives you sets of orders, you make the recipes required for them and fill them. You get points for each recipe completed, 5 bonus points for filling each order and a varying number of bonus points for completing all orders on your board. You can see how many bonus points your current order board will grant at completion, in the lower left corner of the apothecary screen.


So why is it so slow to level up? The orders, as you make ingredients and recipes often leave several of your unlocked machines empty. Since the highest number of points comes from completing recipes instead of completing orders or boards, you’re missing out when that happens. To level up quickly, you don’t ever want a machine empty, you want them all crafting something at all times.


Easy enough to just throw something in each machine right? – but that is only part of the strategy. To speed up leveling the Apothecary, you also need to consider which recipes give the most points at completion and also which have the easiest ingredients to obtain. For the complete guide to the Apothecary click here.

First lets take a look at the Apprentice Enchanter.

The Tickled Pink Recipe is one of the early unlocks available as soon as you hit level 5. It requires just one raw ingredient, an Herb Bundle which you can harvest from your Herb Garden every 5 Minutes.


They give 95 points each and take 6 hours. If you can visit your farm to switch it over 3 times a day, you get 285 points per day, and even if you can only get there twice it’s still 190 points. 

If you opt to focus on orders and level up recipes at the same time, this is a good recipe to keep on hand, as it is an ingredient in several others. Keeping Tickled Pink cooking whenever you are not making an order-required recipe in your Apprentice Enchanter, will not only give you those extra points to level up, but also help speed up completion of new order boards, when you have those ingredients ready and waiting.

Now lets have a look at the Potion Brewer

There are two excellent recipes for leveling up in the Potion Brewer, Melody Mix which unlocks at level 6


& Cloudy Concoction which unlocks at level 9.


Each of these recipes grants 185 points on completion and takes 12 hours to craft. Melody Mix is a good one to keep extra of on hand if you do orders as well, as it is an ingredient in several other recipes. Stopping by to switch these over just twice per day is 370 points from this machine.

The benefit of Melody Mix and Cloudy Concoction over other recipes in the Potion Brewer is that they are fast and easy to obtain. Bottled Tonic can be harvested every 2 minutes.



If you continue to harvest your Brewing Cauldron and make more Blue Bubble Brew while the Dream Drafts are cooking, you can have all ingredients ready for either of these recipes in just 14  to 16 minutes.

The Herb Tender.

The easiest recipe for leveling up in the Herb Tender is Sweet Syrup Solution which unlocks at level 12


Sweet Syrup solution also takes 12 hours to craft and grants 185 points at completion. Stopping by to change it over twice per day gives 370 points per day from the machine.

If you craft ingredients at the same time, it will take 1 hour and 4 minutes to have all the ingredients ready for this recipe.

The Mushroom Tiller

The Mushroom Tiller also has two recipes with quick items/ ingredients and high point yields.

Itching Powder unlocks at Level 16 and grants 275 points upon completion.


Draught of Flora unlocks at level 18 and grants 430 points upon completion.


Each of these recipes takes 16 hours to craft. You can get all the ingredients for Itching Powder in about 4-6 minutes and all of the ingredients for Draught of Flora in about 10 minutes. If you can manage to switch them over 3 times in 2 days you will get 825 points in 2 days from the Itching Powder or 1290 points from the Draught of Flora.

Once you reach level 20, if you are making the Sweet Syrup Solution in your Herb Tender, you can start converting those into Golden Balsam in your Mushroom Tiller.

Golden Balsam requires 1 Sweet Syrup Solution, and 2 different raw ingredients. It takes the same 16 hours to craft as the above recipes but grants 670 points on completion, which will come in very handy once you have reached the levels with 5,000 points each. It is easy to make, as the only time consuming ingredient is the one we are already making to level up in another machine.

In summary, if you use this strategy and check your farm/change over twice per day, at level 18 you would be gaining around 1,360 -1575 points per day. As soon as level 6 you gain around 560 points per day. (Not counting any of the 1 hour or less ingredients, so would really  be a little more).

Leveling up the Apothecary goes much quicker if you plan, make sure your machines are always full and that you choose the ones with the highest point yields with the lowest ingredient time investment. It is up to you whether to fill orders concurrent with the level up focus, or do one then the other. Hope you have found this guide helpful and Happy Farming!

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  1. The problem with all of these is the space available to store your raw ingrs. & finished goods [potions, etc]. If you don't buy parts for expansions they take forever, because the [random?] rewards either repeat themselves or give trees instead of parts. In the dairy silo I need 8 milk bottles for expansion, & have over 60 thermometers. I'm level 10 on the apothecary, & VERY far from even the 1st expansion on either side. Finishing a stage gives at most 3 parts [as opposed to 12 in the dairy] & usually gives none - I have 6 parts for expansion on 1 side & none on the other - level 10!

  2. This is great, thanks - now at level 19 with your help, but where can I find a list of all the recipes with POINTS given?

    1. yes I was looking for a similar chart, I can figure my times from here on out but it would be nice to know how many points each finished item gives. Gosh I could've been 3 or 4x as far / leveled up if I'd of known the singular recipes were worth so much. I did notice how my level bar jumped when the brittle finished so I continued to make it but the ingredients take much longer to get. I have it now, will level up 1st then focus on filling orders, although some get filled as I'm headed on levels up. Thanks so much for the help and great information.

  3. I really would love a list of all the recipes that need to be built so you can plan ahead on what to make instead of guessing which ingredients to stock up on. I find I'm guessing and then have to delete items to be able to make items expanding is not coming easy I'm at level 21 and can only hold 10 on each side which doesn't give you a lot of working room to build the harder more time consuming recipes as levels are going up it's getting rough to do this. Does anyone have a complete list of what needed to be crafted to complete the orders. I hope so please post a link. Or someone that has finished help. I know other would like to be able to plan this out. Your strategy
    for leveling up is great and helping to open the other stalls I just need to know what orders will be coming up. Please Dirt Farmer come to my rescue. :)

  4. I am on level 132 of the apothecary and STILL have not earned enough parts to expand either the potion cabinet or charmoire. It's so frustrating!!! In the dairy barn, I can make so much ahead of time to make levels go faster, but in the apothecary I can barley make anything in advance!!!! :(

    1. what is wrong?<rhetorical. I really think this is another attempt by Zynga to force us to buy the parts to expand. I'd skip it. I have enough to do and am able to make items for quest although the Azure is where I find it difficult to create say, 3 silk jackets with all the parts, to make the parts to make the item. So I stay flustered but not poor due to spending sue to being forced to. I just dislike that about Zynga, I doubt David even owns FV anymore, he and his Pit Bull Zynga have most likely taken the investment, his investment and has been smart about investing again leaving this mess behind. It's certainly not his vision!


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