TOP TEN REASONS: Why we’re getting another New Farm

TOP TEN reasons why we are getting another NEW FARM…
10. Everyone is stuck on that one DAMN Level of Candy Crush.

9. The Zynga Chef spiked the Guacamole with Meth.

8. They’re trying to catch up to the 20 farms on Farm Town.

7. The Farmville Team lost the Zynga Poker Tournament.

6. They ordered way too much PINK and need to use it up.

5. The Ouija Board told them they had to make 9 NEW FARMS before they can release BEAT ATLANTIS.

4. Making room so they can merge Café World and Farmville so we can cook those Critters.

3. Because nothing says LOVE better than a thousand new Hidden Treasures all over your plowed fields.

2. Maybe because fresh content keeps many player engaged while the additional space prevents existing farms from becoming overloaded and freezing up…just sayin’

1. SIX WORDS: “Show me the Farm Cash BABY!”   

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  1. LOL I think I might be the only one who hasn't played candy crush

  2. Great list....I think the last one h;t the nail on the head. More farms mean more ways to try to get more money.

  3. only playing 2 of just too much now...
    Havent played candy crush either>>>>

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