Farmville Subscription Clubs

Farmville Subscription Clubs

Zynga Farmville is all set to release new Subscription Clubs for the players that regularly buy stuff from the market… Here is a preview of the subscription clubs, with working details as per our point of view (which can be different from the actual working of these new plans)… Check out the various images, animations, and compiled info that we have to share with you… Remember to share this post with your Farmville friends, especially those that regularly buy Horses and Trees from the market…

So, what is this new Subscription Club? Well, looks like this time the subscription is split into 2 types… One for Tree buyers, and one for the Horse buyers… As per our understanding, once you purchase (yes, we expect it to be a paid plan) any subscription, you will be awarded some credits to purchase your choice of horse or tree every month (based on subscription type)… You can use those credits to make your purchases from the market…

Below are the Tokens you get for the Tree Subscriptions

Farmville Subscription Clubs Tree Token

Now, this seems similar to the earlier Coin to FC subscription, where you could convert some of your coins to FC every month… But this one has a twist… The more months you remain subscribed, the more are the benefits… You might even get hold of some Subscription exclusive items if you subscribe for 3 months or more at a stretch… Also, the more number of months you subscribe in one go, the better the discounts… Check out some of the unreleased Subscription plan images and animations below…

Subscription Club HUD Icons in the Game

Farmville Subscription Clubs HUD IconsFarmville Subscription Clubs HUD Icons

Some Loading Screen Backgrounds

Farmville Subscription Clubs Horse BackgroundFarmville Subscription Clubs Tree BackgroundFarmville Subscription Clubs Tree Background

Below are some animated placeholders for the New Subscription Plans


Well, before we make it sound too interesting for the regular buyers, let us again remind that this is just a speculation from us, based on the available info… More info on the same will be available as soon as we get it… So, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer network for your most updated Farmville news…

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