Farmville Mystical Groves Beat Mystical Groves Event

Like most new farms, Farmville Mystical Groves will have a Beat Mystical Groves event to earn transferable storage for the farm.  We have a preview for you to give you an idea what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

We have found an unreleased loading screen for you to let you know that unlike Atlantis, Mystical Groves will not be forgotten. There is already a beat event planned. We have the requirements for you below but keep in mind that as this event is unreleased and anything can change as Zynga sees fit. The Beat Mystical Groves Event is currently scheduled to start on 4th October, 2013. If you do not wish to wait or meet the requirements, the shipping license can alternately be purchased in the market for 200 Farm Cash

A look at the Beat Mystical Groves Statue

A look at the requirements to Beat Mystical Groves



Stage 10

Expand the Destiny Bridge  to Level 9


3 pk of Turbos

Get 3 Star Mastery for each of these 12 Mystical Groves Crops: 


Wan Raspberry, Flaxen Strawberry, Whytea Leaves, Twilight Cups, Blakk Root, Bright Stalk, Zaffre Oats, Yellow Dock Flower, Burdock, Dusk Turnips, Dragon Vine, Fairy Blossom.


4,000 Mystic  Points

Craft 2 Dash of Fortune in the Apothecary

Note: Dash of Fortune unlocks when your Apothecary reaches level 25. For a level up strategy guide click here.


2000 Mystic  Points


Upgrade the Alchemist's Shop to Level 5

Instagrow Potion


All 4 of the above tasks 

(Crops, Alchemist's Shop , Craft 2 Dash of Fortune in the Apothecary, and Improve the Destiny Bridge to the highest level  )

Beat Mystical Groves  Statue, and Shipping License for Mystical Groves

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  1. Yo llegue al nivel 81 en el apothical grove, hice las 2 recetas que se pide, cumpli con todo lo solicitado y no se desbloquea para darme la licencia, no se si hay error o que dibo hacer.
    No teno medios de poder entrar en el soporte tecnico de Zinga, es un desastre.
    Si le pasa a alguien mas cuentenme por favor, gracias


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