Farmville Mystical Groves Giant Tree House

Mystical Groves
Zynga’s Farmville Mystical Groves will have a buildable Giant Tree House. We have some unreleased images for you with what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share with Farmville friends if you find the post helpful...

Zynga did not code the Giant Tree House with the rest of Mystical Groves. Only time will tell if it is coded or abandoned in the future.
For more information and images related to the new farm, kindly check the Dirt Farmer’s Farmville Mystical Groves Complete Farm Guide

First, a look at the stages of the Giant Tree House

Giant Tree House Stage 0 Giant Tree House Stage 1
Giant Tree House Stage 2 Giant Tree House Stage 3
Giant Tree House Stage 4 Giant Tree House Stage 5
Giant Tree House Stage 6

More info on the Giant Tree House will be updated as soon as we know more about them… Remember to share the post with your Farmville Friends and increase their excitement…

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