Farmville Bushel Swap Guide

Zynga Farmville is finally doing something towards solving the Bushel shortage in its game Farmville… They are now introducing a new building into the game, Farmville Bushel Swapping/Trade, which will allow you to swap useless bushels into something good of your choice… Sounds too good, but wait, there is a catch to it… Surely this can’t be so simple… Read below to find out more…

Intro screen for the new Bushel Swap/Trade feature

So, here is how things will possibly work… Once you get the Bushel Trader building, you can look inside it, and you will be asked to choose what bushels you want, and which you want to substitute instead… Its not going to be a 1:1 ratio as initial coding and images state that you will be able to swap 10 bushels for 1 bushel of your choice… Now, is that feeling of too good to be true gone? I bet so…
As you can see below, you will be asked to select 10 bushels of your choice, and you can then get 1 bushel of your choice…
Conversion or swapping will take about 3 hours, and you can have up to 3 such stalls/slots max by using the expansions available… You will have one stall/slot when you start the feature, the second unlocks after 25 swaps, the 3rd after 50 swaps. If you are in a hurry, you can pay 1 FC to hurry up the process and get that Bushel swapped instantly…

One major benefit of the bushel swap is that bushels are available within as soon as they are coded into the game. That means you can swap useless bushels (leaderboard crops are excellent for this) for new farm crops a few days prior to the release of the new farm or during early access if you do not purchase. You can also use it to obtain bushels in advance for month long quests that require a lot of leveling of a craft that uses a bushel of a crop not released until 13 hours before the quest begins.

You can access the Bushel Swap feature either via the building or by clicking "look inside" on your market stall then clicking "Swap bushels"

Once inside it will show you what swaps you have in progress if any, and if you have a station free, the button to "add bushels" will be green.

Then select the 10 bushels to swap. You can add in different increments, depending on how many you have. Simply click on the green "add " button below the specific bushel to swap it. Remember the bushels you opt to swap will be removed from your inventory in exchange for the bushel of your choice.

Once you have chosen enough bushels, the add buttons will be greyed out. You then have the option to click "reset" if you've made a mistake and don't want to give up the bushels you chose or "Save and Close" to proceed.

You will then return to the screen with Claire and she will ask you to select the bushel you wish to receive in return. You have another chance to change your mind on which bushels to sacrifice to the cause by clicking  the green"edit bushels" button toward the bottom. If you are satisfied with your choices then click the green "select bushel"button.

You can opt to locate your bushel of choice by scrolling with the yellow arrows on either side of the popup

Or by typing the name of the bushel you want into the search box at top. When you choose one click the green "Select" button and you will then see a check mark on that bushel. Click "close" at the bottom.

Claire will then give you 3 options. One last chance to keep the bushels you opted to swap and trade others in their stead via the green "edit bushels" button on lower left. A chance to opt to swap for a different bushel of your choosing via the  green "edit bushel" button on the lower right or the option to begin your swap by clicking "Swap now"

At bottom it will then show you time remaining until your swap is complete, or if you have any empty stations.

If you have not yet unlocked all 3 available stations, you have the option to do so for farm cash. You can also hover your mouse over each station and see how many more trades you will need to complete to unlock them for free.

This is from hovering over the slot on the left.

This is from hovering over the slot on the right.

Well, that’s all the info we have for now relating to the Farmville Bushel Swapping feature… Surely not a revolution, but at least a step in the right direction… As Papa Dirt says, One useful bushel is better than 10 in the pocket…

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  1. I think it is a curious design. Especially since I live to share with my neighbors. What the heck just plant what your neighbors need? Why not?

  2. Why bother to think up this bushel trade/swap ploy. Just increase the bushel drop count and bushel storage cap, period. Don't even need this building at all! It's a waste of space!

  3. I think this is a good way to part with the non craftable bushels! all the ones we do for leader board, the stupid zillion organic ones i get when i want wheat and the serious overflow of strawberries i get from doing the turbo trick all the time.

  4. I may actually try the pizza shop now since you can get the parts without planting for them LOL

  5. How can Zynga possibly think that this Bushel Swap (which ended up being 50:1 AND a "Whoa farmer" generator) is a solution to the bushel shortage?! If they were serious about remedying the bushel problem, they'd institute a a bushel yield formula which guarantees us no fewer bushels than X% of the plots planted. And that % would be on a sliding scale -- the longer maturing crops having the highest % minimum return. No more ZERO bushels for 300-plot harvests of 3-day crops!!!!

  6. I think this Bushel Swap is a great thing to use to get bushels of crops that you need. Does it really matter about the ratio, which was okay at 10:1 but not so great at 25:1. No matter what the ratio, if you use those useless Leaderboard crops for the swap it is a bonus feature. I usually just SHARE the whole amount of useless crop to get it out of my Market Stall and get nothing in return. But there is a flaw in this thing....Yesterday I swapped 10 bushels of the 117 bushels of Rainbow Clouds for 1 bushel of Maple Syrup. I have three slots open so I made 3 swaps. I received three bushels of Maple Syrup as it should be. but when I went back today to do another swap the 87 remaining bushels were gone. What happened to those bushels? The swap had a 10:1 ratio, not 25:1. I want my 87 bushels back to use for more swaps.

  7. I believe that bushels eventually expire and disappear in your market. Some last longer than others.


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