You Might Be Addicted to Farmville…

Recently…Ches Hardley…A member of our ASK the DIRT FARMER Group…Posted a funny question. In the theme of “You might be a redneck” she asked for your best “You might be addicted to Farmville if…”
The full thread can be seen here in Ask the Dirt Farmer…Check out all the contributions and feel free to add your own.
(actual submissions from actual Farmville Players)
Here are a few of our favorites…We hope you can relate.

You know you are addicted to Farmville when you log off Facebook but then get on your cellphone and have to get back on the computer because you notice neighbors posting new trees on the feed.

You know you're addicted to FV when you make your Doctor's & Dentist's appointments on non-quests days!
You know you are addicted when you are still holding on to the mouse with your eyes closed
You know when you are addicted to FV when you are in the emergency room and they give you morphine for the first time and you have the dang yellow chicken gnome running all over your bed and body and you yelling at it to go back to the farm...and they give you a private room cause u are embarrassing.
You know you are addicted to Farmville when you keep a old lap top in the bathroom so you can farm on the pot.
You know you are addicted when you are on a 2 week holiday in the Mauritius and you are wondering what you are missing out on! even though you promise your Family you will stop playing, you get home from Heathrow Airport at 2 am and turn the lap top on to catch up!
Do you know when you can tell that you are totally addicted to FV? Well, when you play FV in your dreams, and even there your farm goes OOS
You know when you are addicted to FV when you are driving down the highway and look in a pasture and say "oh my Gosh, there's a belted cow AND took a picture of it!!
When you are driving past a ripe cotton field with a friend who also plays, and you look at each other and laugh! Then one of you says , "yup, it looks ready to harvest"!
You know you addicted to FV when you have to go do your dishes but you're afraid to leave because you'll miss something nice on the feed
You know you addicted to FV when you spend real money to get Farm Cash to buy more and more land, trees, etc... when you have so much now you don't have time to deal with it all...not that is a ADDICTION!
... when you're doing something else and you are re-arranging your farm in your imagination and it all runs perfectly!!
When you wake up each morning around 3am because that is the time the video ads are posted daily. Sick!
. . . you burn the part of the evening meal because you are too busy harvesting to get those instagrows on the leaderboard with only minutes to spare !
When you see a new tree/fruit/vegetable on TV or in a magazine and recognize it because you planted it on Farmville
when you have index cards for each farm telling me how many plots I have on each, what's in the craft shops & when it will be done, what crops are planted on that farm and when it will be done AND alphabetized & typed lists of each farms trees that are updated weekly in my Microsoft documents....sorry, can't finish this...I have to go do my horses before they get to
When you go to the animal farm or zoo with your family and can honestly say i have one of those on my farm at every single exhibit
You know you are addicted to Farmville when you have a dry erase board behind your computer to write down what farm to harvest when and which ones have what build-able to finish, and which ones have recipes brewing.
You know you're addicted when your daughter wants to have a "serious" conversation with you about your FV addiction. (And I yell back that I'll stop when you stop smoking!)
When you look around in your garden, drinking a cold wine and think .. wish i had a move tool to redecorate
When they do a forced blackout to work on your street, and you go to your friend's house just to farm.
When your house is about to flood in a hurricane and you go oh **** i need to find someone to watch my farm
When you know you're going on vacation and you find yourself going to the business center at the hotel to use their computers to harvest and do your quests.
You know when you addicted when you need to go to hospital for surgery and need to take your laptop so you can farm.
When you go out to eat and you see fish and chips on the menu and instead of thinking that sounds yummy you think "crap i hope i can get that to level 12 before the quest ends"
You know you're addicted to Farmville when you no longer respond to your ringing telephone or buzzing doorbell.
When you are supposed to be making a snack for your son and he asks "mom how long till the strawberries are ready" and you say "oh they take 4 hours"
When your 3 year old grandson sees you on the computer and automatically asks you meme are you playing Farmville?
You know your addicted when, you are on a vacation of a lifetime and you spot the Apple Store in NY and head there to use their laptops to check on your farm and see what you are missing...
You know you're addicted to FarmVille when you post a 2000 word status explaining to all your friends why you are quitting FarmVille forever...and you're posting Trees and Foals 12 hours later
You know you're addicted to FarmVille when you drive 200 miles to the nearest 7-11 just to get a "Water Slide Sheep" and a "Big Splash Cow"
You know your addicted when all u want for Christmas/birthdays/anniversary etc.. is FV gift cards !!
You know you're addicted to FarmVille when you have to bribe a BEST BUY manager to stash the FV Plushies before the Christmas crowds show up on Black Friday
You know you're addicted to Farmville when you're gone for one day/night and your inbox is full of messages and you get a few texts from your neighbors making sure you're alive
You know you're addicted to FarmVille when you don't question how 2 stallions can make a foal
You'll REALLY know you're addicted to FarmVille when Zynga names a Tree after you
If you've ever screamed out loud because of a COIN LAND EXPAND...You might be addicted to FarmVille
When Farmville is cited as the other 'person' in your divorce proceedings...
...when you have your 800+ unique foals in pens in alphabetical order and have a system for handling trees that a real-life nursery would covet...when you have eleven timers running for your FV tasks and none of those include harvesting crops...when you get on an opposite schedule from your spouse, so that someone will always be available to harvest the cash cows, money tree and Hanging Gardens instagrow...when you hope your children won't resent you forever for squandering their inheritance...when you've spent so much that Zynga gives you a special phone number to call.
You know you're addicted when you take early re-tirement (at age 59) to spend more time playing.
You know you're addicted to Farmville when you say hang on baby, I need to finish planting these crops. ^.~ (Wink, wink. nudge nudge)
You know you are addicted to farmville when you take a drive through the country side and say out loud " My farm looks better than that one"
....when you know what a Zorse is and have some on your farm!
If you name your dog ZYNGA...Then you are beyond help
Check out all the comments and leave one of your own on the discussion thread in ASK the Dirt Farmer

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  1. You know for sure you are addicted when you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is to turn on the computer to "check on something" and the next thing you know it's 12 hours later and you're still in your PJ's and haven't eaten a thing or taken your medicine all day.Now that's sad.


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