Farmville Future Farm Hint Holiday Season Theme Survey

Farmville and Zynga have recently released a survey seeking feedback on the farm after next. As we know the next expansion farm to be released will have a Fairy Tale Forest theme based on the picture spoilers released in the survey shown in this post. and subsequent surveys asking for feedback about it’s name.  Below is a look at the survey questions hinting at a holiday farm that they are hoping to differentiate from Winter Wonderland and Mistletoe lane. Please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

First question inquires as to whether you are open to additional farms. If you answer yes, you will be prompted for feedback on the theme for the upcoming farm. If you answer no, the survey will terminate.


The following screen, should you answer yes to being open to new farms,  gives 4 choices to rate from one to five stars. Holiday Lights, Swiss Alps, Toyland and Under The Aurora with descriptions of each theme.  If you would like to take the survey yourself click here. Should you opt to do so, please be aware that there is currently an issue with all Zynga incentive links and you may well get “All rewards have been claimed” instead of a gift at the survey’s conclusion. There is also a line at the bottom of the survey to write in additional feedback if you have ideas on future farms of your own.



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