Dirt farmer Nominated for TWO Indian Blogger Awards: HELP US by Voting DIRT!

The Dirt Farmer website www.farmvilledirt.com has been nominated for two Indian Blogger Awards for blogging excellence.
We could really use your SUPPORT
You can vote for The Dirt Farmer by visiting this link and adding your comment about the DF in the Facebook comments on the right of the page:
Click here to go to the Nominations Page
Results can be seen at the main site on 15th August 2013
Though the comments will not be the sole or major factor for deciding the winner, you can still show your support to us by leaving us a comment on the above link… Prashanth really hopes to win this one… Thanks!!!
Update: The Gaming category has been scrapped off due to lack of competitive entries in it (we were the only ones which had proper content to be truly part of the gaming category)… Only the social media category is left, and its results will be updated later…

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  1. DIRT FARMER NOT ONLY ROCKS HE MAKE THE GAME BETTER AND PROTECTS PLAYERS FROM HARM BY INFO THAT STOPS ARE ACCOUNTS AND GAMES A SAFER PLACE... He does not publish false and he cares about the game the players.. He has personality that is on point & would of left Farmville & Facebook if Dirt Farmer was not around ...... He is true to word NOT A MANY PLACES ON THE INTERNET HAVE THAT ANYMORE SO The Farmer Is To Be Treasured & Appreciate.....

  2. I have to not be using twitter correctly at all. I've never seen whatever thing mentioning these types of awards. Oh well, doesn't reverberation as if I am missing too much.


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