Farmville Sweet Delight Countdown

Chocolatier Pegacorn
We have found some images that indicate that the upcoming countdown after the Stargazer Countdown is completed will be the Sweet Delight Countdown. Check out the images below and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful

First a look at the loading screen you will get when the Countdown starts

Here is a List of the items you might collect, In Order, to complete the Sweet Delight Countdown: 

There seems to be an error with the image of the stamp number 10 on Zynga's end as it's showing 17 instead of 10. 

And now a look at the rewards 

Rock Candy TurtleRock Candy Turtle
Sweet Tea PomeranianSweet Tea Pomeranian
Candy Jar TreeCandy Jar Tree
Cookie Jar CubCookie Jar Cub
Marshmallow BunnyMarshmallow Bunny
Sweet n Sour GnomeSweet n Sour Gnome
Lollipop ElephantLollipop Elephant
Gummy Baby OctiGummy Baby Octi
Pastry TreePastry Tree
Pouch-Packed JoeyPouch-Packed Joey
Frosting Baby MonkeyFrosting Baby Monkey
Pink Cotton PigletPink Cotton Piglet
Pastry Chef UnicornPastry Chef Unicorn
Ice Cream EaterIce Cream Eater
Strawberry Malt PandaStrawberry Malt Panda
Pinata Pine TreePinata Pine Tree

The bonus prize for completing this countdown will be the Chocolatier Pegacorn

Confirmed Prizes Spoiler 

Check out the foals and the level 2 trees that will be produced from the Countdown Rewards

Pastry Chef Unicorn FoalPastry Chef Unicorn Foal
Chocolatier Pegacorn FoalChocolatier Pegacorn Foal
Giant Candy Jar TreeGiant Candy Jar Tree
Giant Pastry TreeGiant Pastry Tree
Giant Pinata Pine TreeGiant Pinata Pine Tree

What do you think? Are you looking forward to another round of stamp collecting to get these super sweet items? Do let us know by commenting on our post.

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  1. No idea Sue. Mine won't go in a pen either. Not the first time an animal has been "macarooned" (lol) on a farm.


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