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Farmville has rolled out a replacement for the long forgotten zfeeds. The New UNCLAIMED FEEDS feature. This feature has some interesting concepts including an option to share game posts with your community neighbors. We have a complete guide for you, showing how the Unclaimed Feeds feature will work. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Updated 21st May, 2014. 

Note: The new push today appears to have caused the tab to vanish for some folks who had it previously, but not all. We are not sure why this is and will let you know if we find out anything.

First a look at the  loading screen that hints at the new feature.

When the feature is released to you, you will find a new “Feeds” tab at the top of the game beside help.

The Unclaimed Feeds have changed somewhat from the original version, instead of having to leave your farm entirely and load a different screen, the feature now pops up similar to the gift envelope when you click on the tab.

The feature can be a bit slow to load at times, if it pops up like this, waiting a minute or two will correct that in many cases.

The first time you load it, you will see the following tutorial

When you close the tutorial you will see a scrollable menu of friends’ feeds. Simply click on a friend’s name and it will show you what they have unclaimed. Categories include Mystery Seedlings, Quests and Escapades and Animal pens.  Feeds that will expire soon are also highlighted to so note.

The Quests and Escapades version is a great way to check who needs help and to help your friends if you missed their feeds as quickly and complicatedly as the main feed runs.

If a friend has no unclaimed feeds currently you will see the following screen when you click on their name.

In an interesting twist, the game recommends making your Farmville posts public so that your community neighbors will be able to click on them. In the past, people have had to be Facebook friends to click on each other’s post. It appears that unlike the tagging and ticker feature, this one may respect players’ privacy settings.

If you see a feed you wish to collect, simply click on “go claim”

A new tab will then pop up with just that one post – this feature also leaves the  comment and like options present.

When you click the post, the usual screen will indicate whether or not you got the item.

Both posts that we tested were indeed still available and successfully claimed.  This feature seems to be working well right from release. 

It's helpful to allow you to get things that you may want or need that would otherwise go to waste. As you can see the calf that "expires soon" is indeed 21 hours old.

There is also an additional tab next to the tab for friends’ feeds marked “My Feeds”. This is a rather handy tool that lets you know what that you have posted is unclaimed and how many clicks are left on it. You can use it immediately after posting to indicate how many clicks a post has in total, or check back later to see how much more help you need on your quest.

My Feeds shows all categories not fully claimed, similar to the friends feeds tab. It also shows you recent posts that have been claimed, so you know when things are done. In another odd twist it actually shows you who has claimed/clicked your posts.  (Emoticons added for neighbor privacy)

That’s all for now. What do you think? Will the unclaimed feeds feature be a useful tool in your game play? Do let us know.

Originally Published 8/18/13

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  1. feature went live for me today and it is broken!

  2. I lock some things to specific people....what will this do to that ability? I don't want a special tree "snatched" by someone it isn't meant for ....on the other hand, I think it will be a very useful feature because I hate seeing things go to (virtual) waste and now I can know what ppl are clicking on for me and what I can click on to that is expiring soon and also to help. I have very, very little time to scroll through the newsfeed, I am sure I am missing helps AND I know not everyone is showing up in my newsfeed.

  3. Let's hope it works as most things don't on FV!

  4. I wont the bar . but don't have it how do I get it

  5. I still don't have this option for the game and it looks like it would be totally awesome!! :(

  6. I am not receiving all the gift box's that have been gifted to me ,I'm missing an awful lot into the hundreds ??????

  7. its still not available because its still not in the game

  8. This was a great feature Zynga rolled out, I loved it....Now it disappears and this is what Zynga had to say about it. Not Logical. It worked and they know it.
    We received reports that some players received the Unclaimed Feeds tab in their game and then it disappeared. Please know that the Unclaimed Feeds feature is a part of our team's research to always look for relevant content to bring to the game and in order to meet the quality our players deserve, we test our features with randomly chosen groups of people to see if the feature is really as good as we hope. However, we don't always succeed and some features never get released to the public and in some cases they are turned off.

    We are aware that the Unclaimed Feeds tab has given benefit to our valued players and we are sad to inform you that we had to turn the feature off for some players at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Heather Sinclair, please help bring it back, I loved this feature.

  9. I got the same message as Richard Spaeth. Everyone else in my family has it and they love the feature. I would like the feature myself.

  10. I have the new feed tab but when I click it nothing happens.

  11. I have the game feed tab. Shows friends feed tab just not the my feed tab. Not a big deal though but would be nice to help me keep track of things. Very useful and handy feature. I love it and use it alot.

  12. I do major collecting and request help through this tab. Today seems to be a downfall with the issue of not showing neighbours in the tab. Hope they fix it soon. I can't imagine playing FV without this tool anymore. Much easier than scrolling down FB walls for items.

  13. Me too Vanessa. I help and collect many items through this tab. I am lost without it. Needs to be fixed ASAP!

  14. Mine all of a sudden doesn't work any more. Anyone else having issues?

  15. This week my tab went blank. This is a useful tool for me. It had worked since the roll out and now has only one person with a sad calf. I hope this feature is repaired soon!

  16. The tab now seems to not work for me though it has been great since the roll out. I hope it is fixed soon!


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