Farmville Sweet Acres Treasure Materials By Expansion Size

Farmville Sweet Acres will have a new twist on treasures – this time each size will have a unique name and there will be three different parts to open them instead of two. The Marshmallow Mounds will open with Candy Scoops, The Candy Piles with Diamond Candy Picks and The Rock Candy Boulders with Silver Sugar Shovels. We have some charts below to help you plan and save up your treasure parts. Please do share our post with friends if you find it helpful.

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First a look at how many of each size treasure to expect with each size expansion and how many of each part you will need to clear that specific expansion size.

Note: 12x12 is from history- all farms to date have been that many, the other sizes are coded and accurate unless Zynga changes something, in which case we will update this post.


Next some help with planning. If you plan to expand your Sweet Acres Farm, here is a look at how many of each part you will need to clear your treasures from start all the way through that expansion size.


That’s it for now – we hope you will find our post helpful in your planning. Do let us know.

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