Farmville Sweet Acres Intro

Behold… Zynga Farmville is all set to launch their next new farm… Farmville Sweet Acres, aka the previously mentioned Candy Wonderland Farm… Things are moving fast in Farmville, and looks like the candy land is in some kind of danger and your presence will be needed to get them out of the issue… Check out the cool intro below to get a glimpse of the farm, and intro on the story too… Don’t forget to share the post with your Farmville friends for sure… By the way, looks like Willy Wonka designed this farm… Its so full of Candy…

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Note: As the flash is a big one, give it time to load… It will appear below this line

And here is a quick preview of the farm overlay…
Farmville Sweet Acres Farm
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  1. Enough with the new farms. I can't keep up with what I have and half the time they don't work right. Please Zynga give us a break.

  2. I Only Use 3 Of My Farms & Can't Agree More!


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